On Safari In Kenya Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

On Safari In Kenya

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On Safari in Kenya

suddenly I see that young tiger
among the tall marram grass of Kenya
why is he alone?

The driver who drives my car says
the mother died in a fight with a buffalo
the tigers were hunting for their group

catching a hippo failed
but today they have to eat
the whole group,

only that mother tiger got hit in her throat
by a huge buffalo
her little one still has to get milk

when she dies of the open neck
then the kid will die too
yes, yes, going on safari seems so much fun

but if you know the dramas behind it
is it often very sad, I must admit
here indeed reigns: The survival of the fittest

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Sunday 23 January 2022

I know Kenya as no other country in Africa, I have been several times, and each time in another part of Kenya, I only slept two weeks in a hotel, each time my visit lasted a fortnight, I have still many stories to tell, stories from each fortnight I had been there, but I can tell you, each time for me it is unbearable hot, that's why the hotels are an outcome, enjoy reading and please your feedbacks, thank you, best regrads from Sylvia Frances Chan
Rose Marie Juan-austin 23 January 2022

A very informative write. It requires courage to be in this wonderful place. Great images.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 23 January 2022

To see animals in close range is always fascinating and indeed a wonderful experience specially in Africa where the wild animals dwell.

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