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One Cut At A Time

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I cry and think
Am I doing the right thing?
I live in my own lil world
As I blocking out reality
In my own lil corner
Cutting my pain away
Just 1 cut at a time
Im bleeding constantly
Not stoping the blood
As I cut myself more and more

My sorrows start so fade away
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Cutting also hurts the people who care about you most. I know from experience. I love your expression of pain through your poem, but I do wish, or hope, that you don't actually cut. I agree very much with my friend *<3*k ~ e*<3*. Just to let you know, I'm always here to talk, if you ever just want someone who will listen and care.

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Baidurya Mukherjee 02 April 2010

great poem.....the last line especially was beautifully constructed

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 27 March 2010

yes...when you feel unloved or lose the one person who means everything to you...you want to die..it feels as though you have nothing left...sadness increases, angers disappears, and a void that was once filled is empty as a bucket full of nothing you have ever gained...keep living..you have to find the strength somewhere deep inside your heart because I'm sure its scary to die or imagine to not be alive...while each dropp of blood might save you from insanity...its not worth it to stop living..if you don't keep living and listening to your heart...you'll lose your humanity...brilliant poem just stop cutting...

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