One Girl's Secret Poem by Tracey Owens

One Girl's Secret

The truth lies within her eyes,
But she will not speak a word.
Tears roll down her cheeks
Because she can not reveal
Her secret to anyone.
The secret puts a burden
On the poor girls soul.
She can never be
Free of her secret.
The scars are there,
Visible, no, but they
Lay on her wounded heart.
The smile she had as a
Small child vanished the
Day that the secret developed.
She tries to hide what she
Knows about herself,
But at times it is too much
For one person to handle.
The thought of telling
Just one person is there,
But the image is already
Playing in her head.
The image of someone
Not understanding such
A terrible secret.
The girls secret
makes her heart weigh
A ton, like bricks are laying
Across a beaten heart.
A heart that feels only pain.
Such a secret is difficult to
Carry for just one person.
The girl knows it will always
Be her secret and no one
Elses to share with the world.

Vaughn Bekker 22 May 2010

good poem Tracy, i qiet enjoyed it, i think we all got secrets that we can`t or don`t want to share

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what is your secret? tell me yours.. i might tell you my hundred. the poem is good.

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James Mclain 19 December 2009

what a wonderful poem.. keep them flowing... though.. we must never return to Texas...for a while...iip

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