One Hundred Words - Revisited [30 Years Later] Poem by Mike Barrett

One Hundred Words - Revisited [30 Years Later]

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Snow had lately frosted earth
But one scant inch.
Life blue in sky, bled red, died black.
Spotless Soul alone,
Bright in the heavens stood,
And, as if in deep respect,
Earth no sound made.

None could hear the birches creak,
For no breeze stirred.
No tapping from the evergreen,
Not one bird moved.
None could hear the voice of snow
For no beast roamed.
And all was cold and still -
Locked in reverent tone.

Strange. Quiet. So quietly strange,
No scene I heard, but sound I saw -
For it is during times as this
IT'S voice speaks
IT'S awe!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

In this revisit I changed the last two verses from 'God's' to 'IT'S' and in the last verse, 'His' to 'IT'S'.
Mike Barrett 16 December 2013

Hi George, Thanks for your input - much appreciated! I wrote this poem many many years ago. The inspiration came one night while hitchhiking home after a high-school hockey game. I was living about twenty miles from the city in which the game was played and didn't have access to the car that night. I walked many miles that beautiful winter night part of the way along a several mile long lake that was frozen over and gleaming in the moonlight. It was very cold that night but the beauty in that scene goose-bumped me. In Canada, during the winter we have lots and lots of snow. Depending on the temperature, snow makes noise when walked up.... be the walker man or beast. When a moose walks on a cold snow surface it makes a crunch crunch noise, whereas a rabbit is practically silent - hence the voice of snow. Although young, it's clear to me that both you and Jack are gifted. If you enjoy my poetry, don't be shy to spread the word! Cheers & God bless!

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George Price 16 December 2013

Thank you for your comment on 'Man Without the Window', it's much appreciated. I love this; the style is fluid and intelligent, moving from movement to the suddenness of those full stops. The imagery is very clever too; the 'voice of snow' is a wonderful turn of phrase (I presume for footsteps?)

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Ramesh Rai 07 October 2013

first of all i like to congratulate you for composing poem with 100 words. it is an unique of my friend Eric from USA writes poem with a b c d......z

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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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