A Solitary Note [revisited 2013] Poem by Mike Barrett

A Solitary Note [revisited 2013]

Rating: 5.0

But beyond
The silence of a moment
A solitary note
Draws the Self from self
Into a loving nothingness
Where the secret of all
Is locked.

Beyond the beyond,
Soul in joy
And knowingness
Basks in the bliss
That the IT IS is
Before returning
All too soon
Into the present
Of another moment
Retaining nothing more
Than perhaps vague memories.

But within,
Deep within,
A renewed
Inner peace glows -
A peace
That radiates itself
In the eyes
And in the smile.

Yet another of ITs
Blessings received -
Yet another knowingness moment

Thank You O GOD
For Thy gifts!

© M. Barrett - all rights reserved

Friday, December 13, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: insight
I updated this poem a few weeks ago adding in the last two stanzas. It now aligns more closely with spiritual space I now find myself. Enjoy!
Mike Barrett 20 December 2013

Mxolisi, Thanks for your comment - I'm happy that you were touched by this poem. If you read more of my poetry you will find them quite spiritual in nature. Often I do contemplations and when a contemplation is finished the words simply flow through me and I jot them down....it's an amazingly simple technique but one must learn to keep the mind and ego out of the way. If you like my work, let your friends know! Cheers!

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Mxolisi Ignatious 19 December 2013

9.8/10! ! ! ! ! What a stupendous poem!

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Mike Barrett 16 December 2013

Hi Paul, Thanks for your input - I'm happy that you liked the poem. You'll find serenity throughout most of my poems. I've been blessed throughout my life in that when beauty is present, either in natural conditions or in the art (music, painting, sculptures, poetry, videos, etc. I get goose-bumped. Those goose-bumps are how beauty speaks to me. I'm awed by the fact that this occurs and truly grateful for the IT IS for this gift. I'll be reading and commenting on more of you works and commenting on those that goose-bump me. If you enjoy my work, spread the word! Cheers!

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Paul Brookes 13 December 2013

I liked the essence of this poem its serenity. Also very Interesting. I sometimes wonder what IT is and ponder that inner peace that comes when I pray not to God as such but to something well IT I suppose. BB: O)

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Soulful Heart 12 October 2014

every moment in thsnkfulness to the almighty.....path of etrnal bliss originates from this very thought of peace and attitude of being satisfied with what is gifted to us....life

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Mike Barrett 31 December 2013

Marvin, I'm pleased that this poem left you with a smile in your heart. I find the human condition quite amazing in that we, each of us a few pounds of dust and water have the capacity to perceive and experience life, beauty, spirituality, etc. Quite miraculous really. May 2014 be a great year for you and yours!

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Marvin Brato 30 December 2013

Thanks for sharing...a peace that radiates itself in the eyes and in the smile....meaningful and inspiring sentiment!

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Mike Barrett 27 December 2013

Hi Melikhaya, thanks for browsing through a few of the poems here...I'm hoping you will share them with your friends and acquaintances. I'm aware these poems won't appeal to all but some will appeal to each. I'm blessed in that many of the poems simply flow through me following periods of contemplation....not at all stressful on the brain, the mind. Cheers & Happy New Year to you and yours!

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Melikhaya Zagagana 27 December 2013

our eyes, our pathway and selfless giver thanks for your poems Sir Barrett.

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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

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