Words From A Master Poem by Mike Barrett

Words From A Master

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You come to me
Asking for experiences -
What good
Are my experiences
To you?
You have not lived them -
They are not your reality!

Than ask me,
Live your own!

Let go of your fear to live
And live!

Trust the IT IS.
Trust the MASTER.
Live always with these three.

In doing so
You’ll come to lose
Your fear.

You’ll come to understand
And know
That the truest
And the highest
Lives within
Is no different from
Your unique Self
Your divine Self!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

Suman Kumar Das 08 December 2013

An eternal truth. Sir! .................. lucid presentation...............loved it. Would you mind putting your comments on my writes..

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Mike Barrett 08 December 2013

Hi Suman, Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Feel free to review and comment on my other poems. I'll review and comment upon some of yours shortly. Kind regards!

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Hazel Durham 10 December 2013

Truth of trusting ourselves in the life we lead, fear is natural but when life becomes something to be afraid of that is when joy waves goodbye. Superb write!

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Mike Barrett 13 January 2014

Hi Padmanabhan, thanks for your comment, it's much appreciated. For me, we are all spiritual beings, each an eternal soul. Life is an exercise of growing eternal knowingness. At a certain point we come to know we are guided, and if wise, listen to the wisdom provided. May the blessings be!

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Padmanabhan Ananth 13 January 2014

Excellent poem, Mike. Deep thoughts indeed.

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Valsa George 17 December 2013

Here the sagacity of a great master who has delved deep into the mystery of man's existence is beautifully brought out! Everything lies within one's own self, the life within! There is something similar I have written about a sage who penetrates beyond the periphery of a man and comes out with a startling conclusion! I invite you to read that poem entitled Transformation

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Paul Brookes 13 December 2013

Truths are always eternal and this is succinctly put: O)) BB

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Mike Barrett 11 December 2013

Hi Hazel, Thanks for your input, much appreciated! Not only do I trust myself, I have a tremendous faith in what I call the IT IS (God) . I've always had it and it has served me well over this lifetime. Cheers & put a smile in your heart!

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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

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