The Lonesome Road Poem by Mike Barrett

The Lonesome Road

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It is a lonesome road
That each of us is travellin'
Although at times
It may not so appear.
But deep within your deepest self
You know it's true
It is a lonesome road
That each of us is on.

Oh, I can be beside you
Hear your laughter,
And I can help to dry
Your broken hearted tear -
But what you really are experiencing,
Is it mine as truly as it's yours?

No matter how we spend
Our time together,
No matter how we
Each other share -
You have your own
Experience of these moments,
As I have mine
Of these moments shared.

Your world is yours
And never any other's
To each it's own
Is how the law is writ' .
What's true to you
Is indeed your truth -
My truth to me
Is what I hold as true.

We honor love
Between the self and other,
It is treasured as a sacred
Priceless gift -
But what is love
To you I am now asking -
What are the words you have for it?

It is a lonesome road
That each is travellin'
Although at times
It may not so appear
But deep within your deepest self
You know it's true
It is a lonesome road
That each is on.

The joys we find
As on this road we travel
May sometimes seem
Not really worth the pain -
Yet when we come to know
Our highest nature,
There's little doubt
We'd come this way again.

There's little doubt
We'd come this way again!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

Another lyrical poem which while writing it about 35 years ago I heard the 'music' which accompanied it. Not being able to write music, nor having a tape recorder, the tune has long since returned to the ethers! If you're a musician, the lyrics will inspire you. If interested, get in touch, who know, something of mutual benefit may be in the cards!

The roots of the poem go back to a discussion I had with my mother when I was 17. In that discussion she said, 'Michael, when a mother gives birth to a child, the mother has the experience of giving it its birth, but the child alone has the experience of its own birth. Similarly, when the time arrives to check out of a lifetime (die) , the room can be filled with 4 billion people, but only the person checking out has the experience of its own passing. The most simple way I can say it is that we, each of us, is been alone and each dies alone. That's life. About 18 years later I did a contemplation on that discussion. What I concluded was not only are we born alone and die alone, but also we live alone. In saying that I fully realize that in our lives we always live in some relationship with the other, some relationships closer than others, ie: with parents, siblings, spouses, our own children, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, team-mates, etc., etc.; but the bottom line is we are never truly the other - close, but not exactly. The words of this poem came out following that contemplation. Enjoy, or not, as Spirit so moves you! Cheers!
Mike Barrett 24 December 2013

Pradip, thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

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Marvin Brato 27 December 2013

Or existence is unpredictable, each is on his own on how to survive this life.... lonesome road we may tread sometime but still let us also cherish the moments when we experience joy with ourselves and others, for nothing is perfect but given the chance to live is quite an experience!

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Suman Kumar Das 28 December 2013

Life is just a theatre & we play our role. Once our role is finished, we go back to house. As long as we stay in the stage, we get lost in the act and enjoy ourselves.................................logically inked, Dear Sir..................I am spellbound reading your write.

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Mike Barrett 28 December 2013

Hi Suman, thanks for your comment...greatly appreciated. I shall look at and comment on, a few more of your poems shortly. If you're enjoying my work, please don't be shy to pass on the word to your friends and family. Cheers! Best wishes to you na d yours for the coming New Year!

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Loke Kok Yee 03 October 2015

After reading this poem I have a better understanding of why things happens the way they did and why people reacted the way they did. There is a profound lesson in this lovely poem. Thanks for the lesson.

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Mike Barrett 04 October 2015

Hi Loke Kok, I'm pleased that this poem helped you in some way. Life is an amazing voyage, a school that teaches Soul something about Its divinity and Its purpose in eternity. A single lifetime is like a single chapter in a book. As Souls, we have infinite chapters to experience before we become self-realized and God realized. Sometimes we hit lonely patches, but we're never truly alone. God in one form or another is always there to bless, guide and uplift us.

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Soulful Heart 12 October 2014

lyrics that compells contemplation......musical in its rythm that gives company in the lonesome road of every beautiful and absolutely true.....

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Mike Barrett 01 September 2014

Hi Oladehinde, thanks for your kind words, most appreciated. I consider myself more a spiritual than a philosophical Soul. I shall, in the next day or two take some time to review and comment upon some of your poems. Cheers! PS: I'm not on this site every day but do visit it from time to time during the week.

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Oladehinde J Ibikunle 29 August 2014

We laugh, dine and dance together. Yet, the road on which travel is lonesome. We love, share and in each other confide. Yet, the road on which we travel is lonesome. Life, itself, is contrasting and ironical. Truly, sir, you are phenomenaly philosophical!

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Valsa George 18 January 2014

It is a lonesome road That each is travellin' Although at times It may not so appear But deep within your deepest self You know it's true It is a lonesome road That each is on. There is no other truth more solid than this! I feel that your mother stated the direct truth in the plainest way possible... Such random words when spoken out of conviction may sink deep and...... then surface up, may be after several years! It has happened here! Yes, inspite of everyone around us, we have to live our individual life all by oneself! !

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