A Brook Poem by Mike Barrett

A Brook

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Hear water breaking in a brook
Over rocks that are timeless with age -
A sound near as old as the earth itself
With a meaning beyond any sage.

Hear water breaking in a brook
Over rocks that are gray with the years -
An elixir of youth to those ancient stones
Is this water of heaven shed tears.

See you there earth's brow,
Beneath the cool brook's soothing self?
Not one wrinkle on that brow
As years from us will win,
Not one wrinkle on that ancient brow,
As smooth as an infant's skin!

Hear water breaking in a brook,
Laughing on its way to the sea.
Hear water breaking in a brook,
Laughing at you and at me!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

This poem was written when I was in grade 10. In our English class we were learning the basic tools of poetry writing - metaphors, similes, rhythm, rhyming, verse structure, onomatopoeia, et al. In this poem I consciously applied some of those tools.
Sankha Subhra Nayak 15 September 2013

Really nice! ! ! Simple language creat an imaginary world.

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Loke Kok Yee 17 September 2015

I was led to this lovely poem by your comments on Valsa's By the side of a brook I am well rewarded, Thank you

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Mike Barrett 18 September 2015

Hi Loke, it put a smile in my heart that you appreciated this poem....every time I read it, I find myself right in the very place which gave me the inspiration to write it. I took a few minutes yesterday to look at your poepoem.....great imagery! Cheers!

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Mike Barrett 16 March 2014

Hi Kanav, thanks for your kind words - much appreciated. As a kid growing up in New Brunswick, we had a country place where a nearby brook flowed into the Hammond river. It was a very picturesque setting with falls, rapids, crystalline water - a great spot of natural beauty - hence this poem. Cheers!

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Kanav Justa 14 March 2014

this poem flows like a river too, , , loved this poem, , ,

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Valsa George 19 December 2013

When you were in 10 th grade, you wrote a poem on a brook. After many many years, at the age of 57, I wrote a poem on a brook. Both are similar in many ways! I invite you to read my poem By the Side of a Brook! Watching clear running waters and listening to the sound of a brook is a joy! Enjoyed your beautiful write! !

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Loke Kok Yee 17 September 2015

And I wrote my By A Brook at 67! Can you believe that? I think the three of us should get together one day and have tea by a brook.

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Suman Kumar Das 09 December 2013

Lucid presentation......................beautifully worded, Sir! ............loved it

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Mike Barrett

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