Ooh At Last Poem by DICKSON MSETI

Ooh At Last

Rating: 4.5

memories are poisons,
if they over lead your brain,
yet they are prisons,
with the floor rotten.

i remember pattens,
where i saw you always cool,
imagining you always like a fool,
it was funny, Joy, and cool,

i remember breaking my promises,
trying to avoid you over the school premises,
running out of the class sometimes,
recalling makes me feel real tense.

I saw your face no matter what a distance,
feeling how hard it was getting that chance,
making my ego feel it was my dance,
but always i was out of your fence,

your charm made me feel welcomed,
slowly, and naturally it was formed,
with anger face i was chased,
but again and again i knocked,

your anger reminded me your kindness,
that madness shown your true happiness,
your rising tones were actually harmless,
but was a candle in the cute darkness,

did i deserve to be with you? ,
and make my love in you?
no! my level won't count you,
i agree that in my heart too,

suddenly your going away,
i promise won't come on your wedding day,
i can't believe it's happening truly,
i will cry sometimes but not daily,

you just go with love Ney,
we may meet on January, June or may,
count me but never ever feel sorry,
good lucky you are gone at last anyway,

no matter what i say won't make it,
even power of love won't stop it,
your judgment has made it,
it is a loss i call it.
bye Ney


Vijay Menon 06 July 2010

lovely poem indeed liked the way you pen your feelings

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Issam Hal 05 July 2010

thank u so much for this strong feeling u expressed deeply, it really takes u to a beautiful world we all crave to live and we all longing for to come. beautiful words beautiful heart and a beautiful mind. thank u.

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Sunny Emo Girl 04 July 2010

love it that a really gd poem..i can't believe that some one would do some thing like that, too bad for u look for a new gf..jk

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 04 July 2010

I enjoyed this poem...love has a life of its own... emotions like our's. As my 11 years old grand daughter's poem 'Memories A photo of the past A lesson for the future from the bad times and the good They are travel packs and they are hard to carry We may not remember them But they are still there They don't want to be forgotten Because a memory holds a thousand smiles Yes love and the memoies are 'travel packs' your poem is so well written with all the end rhymes that's so pleasing to the ear...a 10+++

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Hans Vr 04 July 2010

Dear Dickson, Looks like a strong, strong feeling expressed here. I, and I think everyone of us, have had real strong feelings in our lives and sometimes we are so overpowered by them. Expressing our feelings through writing can bring a wonderful soothing. In between the lines I can see a poet with a wonderful personality and good values. I am sure our Creator has a wonderful future for you in his master plan. Keep listening to your heart, listening to your soul and slowly bitterness gives way to peaceful acceptance and grace. I am praying for our peace of mind and happiness.

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