Poets In Danger Poem by DICKSON MSETI

Poets In Danger

Rating: 5.0

While i was on stage,
I received a wonderful message,
long enough as a passage,
saying that poets/poetess in danger.

As they think too much,
nothing they can match,
problem solvers of every each,
Finding, calculating and revealing problems.

they forget themselves,
for the World to save,
looks crazy the way they behave,
finding solutions for the World mistakes.

That massage came from me,
the inner part soul of me,
telling the poets and poetess,
your efforts won't die in vein.


masterpiece..... nice write here!

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Sheldon Saluta 30 April 2010

THIS was bizarrely written by an expert hand! i like it!

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Pranab K Chakraborty 29 April 2010

Poets are always in danger from the beginning when people knew they have a brain different from other animals and which helps them to survive differently. But, your poem is different from others as you have once again tried to differentiate poets from common inhabitants on the globe. Congratulate for the last line you have uttered loudly. Thank you very much. LIVE WITH POETIC PASSION LONG....LONG....... Apoet Bangla

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Gan Chennai 26 April 2010

From time immemorial, many poets wander in Penury. I always thought that Poets Live in illusion. Your Last line 'your efforts won't die in vein' is consoling.

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