Open Grave Poem by Shadow Girl

Open Grave

Rating: 4.3

Look down
Six feet
into my open grave
My casket with no lid
no need to hide anymore
the corpse that was once me
but never really was.

Jim Troy 13 October 2011

And never will be.. Lots of depth (Not the grave) , your poem.. It is more than it seems. I like it a lot. Jim Troy

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Stefanie Fontker 13 October 2011

So very deep. Your poetry always inspires contemplation within me.

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Crimson Love 13 October 2011

This poem is incredible, simple yet filled with emotion, Truly magnificent. :)

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Melancholy Man 14 October 2011

Short but very concise - packed with meaning & emotion - great poem.

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Eric Cockrell 14 October 2011

cold... real... emits power with a precise hand... good poetry!

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 January 2016

Born to die one day! With the muse of the ways of life. Nice work.

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Ramesh Rai 25 October 2014

A very poignant write with deep thoughts.

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Jerry Hughes 26 June 2014

................................excellent! Warmly, Jerry

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 04 June 2013

Astonishing depth in 28 words.10.

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Stan Petrovich 05 October 2012

Returning soon; everything changes...

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