Our Love Flies Towards You Imam Reza Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Our Love Flies Towards You Imam Reza

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In the east of my country a man is peacefully slept.
A man that shines the light all over the world, all over the countries
Grand child of the prophet of peace
A great source of light, the sign of God that we shouldn't miss

Your Golden dome, is the place that the sun rays shine at it all days
Your shrine is the place that people's heart pump for visiting it
There, the hearts are connected to God,
Their hearts are connected to the light, as beautiful as the rose buds

While the voices of humans go loud to praise you,
Is the time that eyes stat to move…
Your eyelid will start to get weak…
Tears…will cover your face…there is no one as a geek

His pigeons are as white as the heart of humanity
They praise God for his kindness
They praise the light of that place,
They fly around the people's wet faces

Our love flies towards you Imam Reza
Happy birthday, you are the source of humanity criteria and law.

This religion poem is dedicated to our Imam of kindness and love
the source of humanity, light and all the good things.
the Grandchild of Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)
we all love you.
Alookh (matin) 17 September 2013

very very very interesting poem Elli! ! ! ! ....u can write about whatever y like in the best way! ! ! ....two months ago i was there and while reading ur poem i remembered all the peace that i found there......its like a piece of heaven.....you can speak to him with any language.....with any amount of sin.......and he listens to u......and u can cry......and no one bothers u................................. ... i love him!

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