For The People Of Palestine Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

For The People Of Palestine

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In a holy land, with a strange feeling
A strange and calm feeling that comes from the heart of people
People who live pure, people who are valuable and kind
People who are great and faithful, men and women with beautiful minds

Their sky was calm a day, it was full of white pigeons
Pigeons which were the messengers of peace
A blue sky that was above a golden place
A place that was full of happy face

Green lands and greener islands with warm sunny farms
Happy people who don't think about a simple fight
Streets full of cheerful children and cars
But the time brings an unfair war

Some people think power can take everything from poor people
But it never can conquer the faith
Faith will destroy every satanic thing
It can bring bad things down, even the powerful kings

Farms destroyed under the boots of soldiers
They close their eyes and burst fire on the poor and innocent children of Palestine
Their laugh destroy that empty sky
Satanic plans those we know all are a lie! ! !

Power Vs Faith
Guns Vs Stones
Bullets Vs people
And Blood on the feeble

When a pure stone flies, a bullet tears the sky to hit for the answer
And then a heart that once was for a human stop beating
The truth is being hiding in our world
We should help the people of Palestine, not with our words! !

Where are the humans right protectors?
Where are the people who are loyal to humanities criteria?
Where are the humans to see a family that sleep with fear?
Where is a person to clean the children tears?

We have a ceiling to sleep in peace under it
We have security, we live in peace
But there…, suddenly the roof of a house will fall down
When they think they are sleeping in peace, they buried in the dawn

In the Name of Humanity, don't be silent
See the truth; see the pure bodies those just fell down
See the tears of mothers those live in stress
See the great unfair condition, see the real mess!

For the people of Palestine
People who live in a cruel situation
For the people of Palestine,
People who their rights are taken, , people with no sin!

I offer this poem to the people of Palestine, i hope the humanity feel the condition of these people who are under a hard cruel condition.
i hope they all stay strong and this poem help them to be stronger.
Unwritten Soul 16 September 2012

I appreciate this wonderful work, full of emotion, packed with humanity, true with the prayers and delivered all wishes and all the best for them...if there still humanity left in our hearts, just keep praying no matter your belief for human, peace and God sake...Stay strong Palestinian, and everyone who live in chaos now....Always remember there will be a day to change your new life...remember nothing will keep eternal except Him, and nothing will continue endlessly in this world include the war and your bad days_Soul, Unwritten Soul

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Neela Nath Das 17 September 2012

The voice which speaks behind is very strong. When we get such picture of treating human beings as animal, then one big question arises in our mind-Are you stepping back to the primitive age? How could a man can treat a man like this? Heart-touching, politically aware poem.10+++

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Aung Si 17 September 2012

Wonderful! Great idea and real emotion.For the people who live in cruel situation, how can they be peaceful?

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Hamid Negah 19 September 2012

Solidarity with the oppressed people anywhere in the world is important tasks...hopefully one day and not see any violence...Amine... i loved this work.

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Terry O'leary 20 September 2012

We must always strive for peace... with words and understanding, patience and telerance... not with pride, hate and weaponjs... Excellent poem Ellias... Terry

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Zak knight 06 February 2019

I am Palestinian I am proud thanks Captain A!

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Chinedu Dike 27 December 2014

Justice delayed is justice denied. Between truth and falsehood, there's a conflict, to uphold one is to overthrow and jettison the other. FAITH KEEPS THOSE THAT KEEP THE FAITH - Mother Teresa. Wherever Power is focused on spirit, victory is assured on Will. I like the articulation and penning of the poem as it captured the injustice and suffering of the Children of God. Thanks for sharing the powerful poem with powerful message. A nice poem indeed. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. Remain blessed.

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Alookh (matin) 16 September 2013

i think this is one of the best poems ive read from u till now! ....written always sad about palestinians....its an obvious injustice in our world......and i believe that keeping silent about this issue has no different with killing a palestinian child! ! ! ....however many keep silent around us!

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Rouge Groer 13 October 2012

really great..specially that it is from the heart of a young man...knowing that there are still teenagers caring not just for their own selfish fashion but giving attention to life and giving love for humanity...may we be pure and simple in heart as we journey through this life

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Asif Andalib 13 October 2012

Dear Ellias, This is an awesome poem reflecting the compassion for the Palestinian people and a bold protest on behalf of them. God bless you and the Palestinian people.

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ellias Anderson Jr.

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