Our Biggest Mistakes Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Our Biggest Mistakes

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Mistakes aren't the biggest darkness
We grow up with them, they give us bless

They make the future way lighter
At first and at our first mistakes making we had some fears to be fighters

Mistakes let us to know other people
They also make us to fell down from the highest steeple

Clear, dear, and that silly fear
The fear that causes our painful tear

My name is Mr. of mistakes, ignorance and stupidly prideful
My mind is carrying the world's trouble, but it can't make me unfaithful

Mistakes, aren't the source of our bad actions,
But they show how forgetful and weak we are; sometimes it comes from the darkness's faction

We are their creature; we build our own mistakes in a clear way,
But we ignore them, oh; I don't do this again in another day

O' MISTAKES! ! ! Forget me, I won't build you anymore!
You better leave me alone; I can show you the door! ! ! ! !
It's right that you are the product of my actions and my mind
But I will think, I will make my mind so wise, I will find the truth to not make the mistakes again, I look for salvation to be find! ! ! ! !

Unwritten Soul 25 August 2012

Mistakes, yes it's not that bad.....not that bad, as it actually a teacher to show the true thing but with the punishment of the consequences what we have done..our biggest mistake is to think mistake is the mistake not more than that....it's wrong because once mistake has done never we can reverse....just learn for better future..thanks Ellias for your thought in poem! ! _Unwritten Soul

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Eindaray Kyaw 26 August 2012

Great! ! ....Cool! ! .....You can shake our sleepy mind.Keep it up, Ellias

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Dave Walker 28 August 2012

A fantastic poem, we all make mistakes, most can be put right, but some we just have to live with. A great write.

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Hamid Negah 28 August 2012

Ellias, beautiful poem you've defined the Mistakes well, you have good mind.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 30 August 2012

We are their creature; we build our own mistakes in a clear way, But we ignore them, oh; I don't do this again in another day - marvelous 10+++

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Brian Jani 15 June 2014

Interestingly penned poem

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Yash Shinde 29 October 2012

very nice write......it is written truly......mistakes are milestones to success a very good message :)

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Heather Wilson 11 September 2012

So true, we learn by our mistakes, then live with what we can`t alter, a very thoughtful write,

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Nader Baheri 01 September 2012

that's right.we must improve ourselves by our mistakes

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Hans Vr 31 August 2012

There is so much wisdom and truth in this poem A great realisation that we make mistakes Many people tend to deny. Accepting our mistakes and leaning from them and then try to avoid them with our might is a fantastic attitude. Excellent poem

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