Pain That Time Cannot Erase… Poem by Meena Mustafa

Pain That Time Cannot Erase…

Rating: 4.7

There is so much pain that time cannot erase
I now fake a smile here on my face
Buried inside me, how badly it bodes
At time’s I feel I will just explode
My biggest regret- - an illusion I saw
Turned into a nightmare and even more
All along the road, thorns were laid
Not a single rose was by my aid
My confidence shattered…and the pain I endure
Please God help me to find a cure
A cure to happiness- -not riches or fame
A comfortable life without any games
A piece of mind where life is at ease
Where birds sing in harmony up in the trees
Where flowers bloom, sing and dance
A life that is filled with romance
Take away my sorrows, bring me back to life
To a place called home and end my strife.

Amitava Sur 15 January 2014

Very nice poignant write expressing the pains and sorrows. Sorry to say Meena - This itself is our life, we all are destined to go through this journey. I wish to be under clear blue sky very soon. You may read my poems 1) Beggar 2) I like 3) My morning bud of rose

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Khairul Ahsan 02 July 2013

So wonderfully expressed! Time is the best healer, they say.

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John Dowdall 24 May 2013

Lovely. Feel free to read mine and message me if you would like too.

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Wahab Abdul 22 May 2013

wonderful..i envisage that demy lovato is singing the song.. what a sweet poem! 10 /10

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Valerie Dohren 24 April 2013

Beautiful Meena, but sad and poignant. The last line says it all. Very well written and rhymed.

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