Pentaland Disciplines- Seventy [58- 60] Poem by Rajendran Muthiah

Pentaland Disciplines- Seventy [58- 60]

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58." Dear friend! I'm not sure if the hero of the coastal groves where the Punnai trees bear beautiful flowers!So our misery deepens.As our secret union has come out, the foster mother's temperament has changed. It is also cruel. It isn't good if the hero delays my wedding. You go and suggest him", the heroine said.

59." O, you heroine wearing curved ear-studs! The coastal groves abound with the sounds of the birds, the roars of the waves and the whistles of the winds and the sand dunes.The hero of the marina goaded the horses andhad a doubtif the fisher-folk in this hamlet would take it for the sounds of bells tied around the necks of the horses. Thinking of it, the hero who came in the midnight turned back without meeting you. Say this to the hero as the bad omen and marry him soon", pleaded the maid.

60. After her union with the hero in the midnight, the heroine retuned and became sleepless. The waves too hit the dunes in the night and in the day. So the sea too has no wink of sleep. The Neithal flowers like blue pearls burst in the salt pans. The chief of the marine land enjoys pleasure with her in the night and goes off. The heroine thinks of him and remains sleepless. The heroine laments over it and tells her friend.

Dr Dillip K Swain 07 November 2017

Though I have not gone through the whole series, stanzas from 58 to 60 are excellently penned..Enjoyed..10

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John Chizoba Vincent 07 November 2017

Great write up, great message and lovely concept. I love your write up and everything you have written. Keep writing.

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Rajendran Muthiah

Rajendran Muthiah

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