People Are Pathways Poem by Anita Atina

People Are Pathways

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People are pathways for the energy to flow
The unseen melody of the universe manifests this way
Directing life with life
Ever balancing the positive and negative

Presenting us with opportunities
To recognise the power we are born with
Or to let the moment dissipate
In the fog of doubt and disbelief

There are times when the energy manifests conflict
Even among those who are aware of the light
Friction unfolds with resistance
Indicating a divergence about to emerge

And there are other times, when energies complement
Manifesting surrender to the truth
As our hearts resonate with the glorious music of love
Unleashing a wave of change, that creates new pathways of living

Until we recognize the microcosm of universe residing in every life
Requires us to be mindful of our fellow beings
We don’t live completely open to the path of truth
For people are pathways to the light

Tia Maria 20 October 2008

This was very well written & words I shall take into my next days, thank you

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 20 October 2008

Well Anita, people do see other people as stepping stones to the top, to be steped on and then forgotten... Andrew

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