Half Truth Poem by Anita Atina

Half Truth

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We are afraid, only when we love, for those we love
But we often hurt those we love, the most
We are often hurt most, by those who lay claim to our love
We sometimes reveal only half truths
To get closer to what we desire
And when respect outweighs both desire and fear
We learn to be honest and speak the naked truth
Doing the right thing is not always easy
And sharing the truth doesn’t always leave you happy!

Al Ramos 03 February 2008

When we learn the meaning of the whole truth, then there will be no holes in left in our lives. Love your stuff and thanks for your nice comments

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Francis Duggan 28 January 2008

Great poem Anita and so truthful like it is said 'truth is best as one lie only leads to another lie' great work

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There's a LOT of truth packed into this piece. I'm particularly taken with lines 6 and 7. t x

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This is a very thoughtful write...It's always better to be honest, and do it in a least pain ful way... I think, somehow this is a human nature to hurt others, and many of us uses the verbal way... If only our emotional intelligence could reach a higher level and helped us to be more assertive and emphatehetic... Though sometimes I must admit, a raised voice and angry words help to fight those who exagerate...

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Mary Gordley 17 January 2008

So very true and well expressed in your poem. On the other hand it seems people often have no trouble at all saying cruel things to strangers or even loved ones when they are angry.

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