Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Picasso Poets Write Prolific - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

quality quantity equations
what is wax written worth?
critics place label values?

and rapid write artist said
'but I place no literary value
on my own doddle work,

and lack investigative skills
to try to achieve a dollar value,
therefore it is continuous giving,

which has nothing to do with quality'

an interesting question to ask
after writing 4000 pieces plus
pieces written are but numbers

except for audience which held in esteem
dusted off disuse polished frame jewels
within mind light dazzled in life visions

gems are only optimum dazzling in sunlight
astonish impress overwhelm reflect if read
by mind hand of one who perceives shares

brilliantly splendour intense light radiates
even blind may be dazzled suddenly shine
even barren wastes attain isolated grandeur

fascination is not related to writing style
but more how we gave poetry readings
which is related to empty unshared aspired

to cup half empty running over in excess
tsunami waves enlightenment glimpse shared
perhaps written from write isolate an empty

unshared aspired to hotel room from which to write

novice perceives early we cannot write
like anybody else unless we are intentionally
imitating but why settle for reflected light?

unless imitation was a natural appreciative feel
for a specific piece in the sense of an inspired
mind link to creative flow of genisus joy original

imitation would lack heart soul perhaps echo hollow?

let us put artist in slices under microscope
impulsive continuous giving has nothing
to do with quality this is inspection interesting?

unique artist must be aware of quality produced
conceptions ring radiate with original light
you're giving you're serving mistress art daily?

every single day attempted art supplications
we understand deliberate inability to impartially
evaluate our own work to obstruct inspiration?

self-dialogue is artist speaking within art muse
where quality of expression is conceived in womb
our seed conception carried prodigy has nothing

to do with emotional value people who view
seriously impose upon us; we are easy or hard;
to read depending on intensity depth perceptions...

read one piece place value 'hard'
read another value witty simple humour
read deep within multistyle artists

slit veins journey through blood pulse heart beats
share laboured breath breathe essence our souls
beware minds which discard horizons blind leap

exceptional talents rare have powers to inspire wonder

come loose mind drown with locust eaters
artist eaten opium infuses art driven souls
beware entering artist rage torment driven art?

descend fade to dim critic word paste horizons
art conceived art discussed are now emotionally
planes apart different creations prodigy births

cannot have the same value to artist and critic
observe critic spokesperson mouthpiece smiling
wants artist to imitate expressionism or cubism

sonnet haiku ballad epic other forms because...
whatever Petrarch Shakespeare unique created
their own personal sonnet forms to their rules

Picasso conceived discarded styles like prostitutes
change clothing acquire costumes personalities
whatever suitable persona mask evolves is style...

quite the fashion rage for imitators lacking own soul
perceptions personalities rarely will genius tolerate
long production of copies when own irregular thoughts

drum beat demand scream to be recorded produced...

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written in March 2014 on the 21.3.2014.
Complete version of the split images 'Weigh Quality Quantity Equations', 'Except For Audience Held Esteem', 'Writing In Excess Tsunami Waves', 'Novice Perceives What? ', 'Artist In Slices Under Microscope', 'Journey Through Blood Pulse Heart Beats' and 'Critic Word Paste Horizons' by Terence George Craddock.

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