Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Please Stop War - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Please Stop War; Please Stop indiscriminately terrorizing hatred to reign as the most supremely inebriating and acrimoniously rebuking ingredient; of the atmosphere,

Please Stop War; Please Stop Poverty from perpetuating its maliciously ghastly curse to every quarter of the planet; as countless innocent were rendered hopeless; and without a single roof to sequester their scalps,

Please Stop War; Please Stop indiscriminately uncouth racialism; ghettoizing
holistically bountiful society; into frigidly polarized and abominably shivering halves,

Please Stop War; Please Stop uncontrollably atrocious misery without the tiniest rhyme or reason; as boundless innocuous civilians cadaverously rotted in the aisles of reproachfully stabbing disease,

Please Stop War; Please Stop limitless impeccable infants from treacherously
emaciating; with every conceivable trace of food and water; pugnaciously metamorphosing into vindictively gory blood,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the coffin of unforgivable diabolism straddle its grip; upon every pristinely untainted chest and soul; till times beyond infinite infinity,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the nightmare of perpetual disaster from ghoulishly enshrouding every philanthropic brain; even in the most blisteringly Omnipotent of daylight,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the scorpion of egregious abhorrence venomously
blinding even the most effusively brilliant of your senses; to mortuaries of inexplicably endless despair,

Please Stop War; Please Stop politicians from taking unprecedented advantage
of the same; salaciously busy in gobbling votes from the one community
that they sanctimoniously supported,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the intransigently hazardous apocalypses of
nuclear war; cursedly victimizing countless more generations yet to be born; with the fangs of unfathomably incurable apathy and angst,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the indescribably penalizing stench of inhumanity forever disrupt the fabric of God's eternal paradise; mercilessly torch every trifle of compassionate sensitivity alive,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the graveyard of satanically torturing tears; replace every beautifully burgeoning smile; replace every construable instant of symbiotically enamoring felicity,

Please Stop War; Please Stop the thorn of torridly tawdry unemployment to arise out of sheer nothingness; unsparingly lambasting its amorphous bigotry upon triumphantly bustling blood and youth,

Please Stop War; Please Stop Mother Soil from being lethally inundated with
raunchily unceremonious bone and decaying carcass; rather than being miraculously harnessed with the seeds of majestically blessing fertility,

Please Stop War; Please Stop every pricelessly new born infant from being barbarously orphaned; as its parents inadvertently became the fury of the violently rampaging and senselessly blinded mob,

Please Stop War; Please Stop every speck of fretfully asphyxiating desperation; wholesomely overrule the chapters of unassailably Omnipresent truth and gloriously undaunted honesty,

Please Stop War; Please Stop fecklessly livid nervousness heckling every sagaciously celestial bone alive; with every organism frenetically praying for its next breath; instead of insuperably relishing its present one,

Please Stop War; Please Stop contemptuously baseless condemnation of the Lord's eternally symbiotic living beings; tossing away inimitably endowed life like a chunk of wailing feces; while sadistically kissing the coffin till times immemorial,

Please Stop War; Please Stop utterly derogatory annihilation of the panoramically enthralling environment; as it forever disappeared into the aisles of meaninglessness; while human brutally clashed sword with blood tainted sword,

And Please Stop War; Please Stop every beat of the perennially throbbing heart from bawdily wrenching in the hell of devil; rather than timelessly uniting with the immortally Omniscient paradise of the fathomlessly indomitable Almighty Lord

Topic(s) of this poem: peace, victory

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