Kumarmani Mahakul Poem Poems

Our Poem Hunter Family

Beauty is seen daily in poetic duty every day,
Cutie is our Poem Hunter Family all here say.

Far across the globe poets unite here to write,

Poem Hunter Pretty Queen

Poem Hunter you are really a pretty queen,
You are ruler we are people we are tween.

Gene of poetry you inherit for generation,

Poem Of The Day Of Poem Hunter

Poem Hunter pretty queen rules this site,
Every poet writes poem with lovely light.

Every reader waits to read poem of the day,

Oh Poem Hunter Writing You A Letter

Oh dear Poem Hunter, Empress of this age,
Elegant motherhood of your embrace we feel,
You are pretty queen, you are our family,
You are the great power of poetic kingdom,

Poem Hunter Is The Best

We have passed a long poetic test, test, test,
Moving in time we say Poem Hunter is the best.

Rest is understood, guest has visited mount top,

Smile Poem Hunter

Mile after mile you run
Carrying file after file,
Oh dear pretty queen,
You smile, smile, smile.

I Am Poem Hunter Dot Come

I am Poem Hunter Dot Come
I welcome you,
My dear poets, poetesses you are,
You write in queue.

Thank You Family In Poem Hunter

Oh dear visitors, thousands of you,
Oh dear friends and fellow poets,
Thousands and thousands and thousands,
You have visited me and read poems,

Symbolic Poem (2)

Title: ├ ║} æ ▐ ♪ ♪ ♪

Oh dear God my pitch moves in 7,8 1
I am just standing to sing for you,

Poets Thank Poem Hunter

Oh dear Poem Hunter, you are poetry bank,
We are glad getting you, poets do thank.

Poem Hunter pretty Queen ever you sing,

Symbolic Poem (1)


Dear poets and visitors
Symbolic verse welcomes.

Go Green Poem Hunter

Thank you once again for new, new venture,
Adventure is love in climbing a peak denture.

Debenture is received and assets are secured,

How To Write A New Poem

How to write a new poem?
I couldn't find new things
Whereever I see I find
The same things in my mind.

My Poem Is Loaded

I have written a poem today,
About beauty you all do say.
Who is the creator all do ask?
This is definitely a super task.

You have brought elements of sleep
These are glow-worms and Stygian night’s leap.
Cuddle of mother to her birdies,
Warmth of mother mutes the worries.

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