Poverty Is Not Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Poverty Is Not

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An infectious disease
spread through the air
or blood.

Nor a dominant gene
passed down
from father to son.

Want is not traced
deep in the palm
of your hand.

No one chooses
to go out daily
alive with hunger.

It is a silent burglar
with a sharp knife
cutting away at will.

Leaving behind only
the form, the shape, the shadows
of what we are.

Roger Cornish 09 November 2008

One of your richest.....

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Barry Van Allen 24 January 2008

Cheryl, You said an awful lot about what poverty is not, but, don't you love those folks that have no money, and still know just how rich they are? B.V.A.

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Not a member No 4 26 June 2007

Cheryl, There are so many innocent victims - from different causes - Cheryl, so many, that sometimes compassion saturation sets in sadly. We need to be reminded by different means and this is a powerful and effective medium for the task. Non-confrontational, conscience pricking and persuasive. And also, as always, written with great skill and humanity. I have one called The Boxer that needs some attention. When you get the chance I'd appreciate a look and suggestions that might raise it to a standard appropriate to the issue. The theme may be one you'll be sympathetic towards. No rush Cheryl. Some time in the next two weeks roughly - after that ... I won't be about much.

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Alfredo Jacques 14 June 2007

I love this poem it really makes me think. great write.

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Who's Erwhatsit 12 June 2007

Loved this, well said. Says as much as 10 chpts from a sociology textbook in a concise manner.: -) DK

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