Where Are The Flower Children? Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Where Are The Flower Children?

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Our sons and daughters conceived in
strawberry fields have talked dad
into tying his hair back and mom
into wearing a bra and conforming
to the media-hyped double-talk:
'Lose your civil rights to protect
your freedoms' and 'Spend ourselves
into a massive national debt
to protect our economy' while
pretending everything is still
manufactured in America, or at least
assembled here, not carried over
invisible foreign borders,

x... x... 22 August 2007

I'm all for being 'made in America' enought of the outsourcing and having to remove children's favorite toys due to lead in paint in those produced in China.....this is our land, of freedom to live as well as we can with many opportunites....We're still here, we want peace, but not at the sacrifice of a war in our land. War is the worst but terrorism must be stopped. They have to be found so the World may again live in peace......good to see your again.~~~marci.~~

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Carole Clark 22 August 2007

Flower children are teachers, activists, social workers and poets! Bureaucracy is back. International trade is flourishing. Hillary and Obama are running for President! ! ! The military-industrial complex is a monster. Open up the doors and let the workers in! Bring back the Unions! We spread our wealth, don't we?

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 22 August 2007

Well, Cheryl, as i see it...This is all Columbus's fault, as 515 years ago, ole Chris got crossed-up himself, while looking for someplace else.Thus it became tradition to become 'Lost Here', just like our DISCOVERer...(which is where the credit card originated from, you know) ...LOL! Very nice work here, Cheryl...I do remember the 60's well, (Byrds...Beatles...Troggs...Herman's Hermits & Melanie) Just a very few of my fav's...Solid Work, young lady... ~ FjR ~

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Scarlett Treat 23 August 2007

Maybe all the empty spaces on our counters, once marked MADE IN AMERICA (WINK, WINK, JOKE, JOKE) will now post signs...RECALLED TO CHINA! SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE) DOG, CAT, CHILD! !

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Shannon Wright 10 January 2008

Cheryl- another winner here. my mom would love what you've written, i may have to copy and paste to her. i'm surprised she didn't name me moonbeam or saffron, lol. -shannon

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Scarlett Treat 24 October 2007

Just read this again, and still want your stamp to read: MADE IN CHINA RECALLED IN AMERICA SORRY ABOUT YOUR DOG...CAT...CHILD...CAR...CAMERA...(This is a fill in the blank! !)

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Duncan Wyllie 25 August 2007

Instead of showing their blossom on the outside many have chosen a more reserved approach, thus doing have shown less of themselves and the need for real peace Thankyou for this one Love duncan X

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Elysabeth Faslund 25 August 2007

The 'flower children' have invested in Dow Jones. It's the Age of Nasdaq, not Aquarius...but, to everything, turn, turn, turn, to every season, turn, turn, turn...oh boy! Has this ever brought the good times back! ! It'll turn round again...the cycle of life, the spinning wheel. Great going, Cheryl...tell 'em! xxElysabeth

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Barry Van Allen 24 August 2007

Cheryl, Maybe your question is the one that needed to be asked for a long time! I was feeling a little sorry, because it was more of a 'rant' than a comment, ... maybe this was not the place for it! After what you said, and the comments by Doc, Scarlett, Frank ... I noticed that none of them REALLY dis- agreed with me. Well, the dialog has to start someplace! Respectfully, Barry

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