Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele Poems

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Manifestation Of A Buddha

A child missing for a year in remote Nepal,
re-emerges now 'The Enlightened one, '
the reincarnated Buddha, cross-legged
beneath a tree. No sign of ten months

From The Inside Out – An Autistic View

The autistic child’s fingers fly across
the keys releasing inaudible syllables
of joy, floating upward between
his fingers.

Any Other Name

A charred piece of bread doesn't care
if it is given the name of “toast.”
Neither does a bird pause its song
to see itself properly identified

A Little Blue Shell

A fragile robin’s egg lies in my path, unbroken

about forty-five feet below it’s mother’s nest.

Dream Pockets

Awakened in haste,
I threw my cotton sheets
into random creases, capturing
my startled dreams.

Poverty Is Not

An infectious disease
spread through the air
or blood.

It's Just Blood

I had just accidentally smashed
my boyfriend Howard in the forehead
with a horseshoe. The blood surged
through his eight year old fingers,

Where Are The Flower Children?

Our sons and daughters conceived in
strawberry fields have talked dad
into tying his hair back and mom
into wearing a bra and conforming

If I Should Lose My Soul

Will music fall flat
upon my ears? Could
the sun rising become
only the day's light?

Be Quiet Please

Silence sings, if you listen.

earthly frequencies

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