A Little Blue Shell Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

A Little Blue Shell

Rating: 4.5

A fragile robin’s egg lies in my path, unbroken

about forty-five feet below it’s mother’s nest.

Stepping over the unseen fetus, the first rays

of dawn reflected it’s tranquil blue, cooler than

the required mother’s 104 degree feathered belly.

No more than fourteen short days before escape

from that hollow inside to inevitable blue skies.

Then, there must be feedings every fifteen minutes.

Impossible to even contemplate.

Now late for my classroom full of disabled

children, also demanding attention, slowly learning

their way out, I hurry along surprised

to find my palm cradling a tiny blue shell.

Patti Masterman 26 November 2008

I can tell this poem took some intricate devising to create such a free flowing and transparent piece. I love the comparison between the unending care of the birds young after hatching, and helping the children out of their 'shells'. This is altogether lovely and unforgettable.

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Edgar Andrade Baguio 12 November 2008

Yeah, the power of free verse that can sink to the free, fragile minds of our time. I like the flow of thoughts.

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Shimon Weinroth 15 November 2008

poignant juxtapositioning, tender and understanding, Whitman's free verse ringing true 10 well done!

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BEAU GOLDEN 23 November 2008

Brings back memories of finding robin's eggs as a child. delicately written about a delicate situation.

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Caroline Weeks 29 October 2008

Very nice! Beautiful imagery and very detailed. I love the feeling of quiet suprise in the very last line. Great work! 10

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Jerry Hughes 29 July 2009

Aplogies Cheryl for not responding sooner to your stunning poem, I'm speechless. Warmly, Jerry

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Martin Swords 02 February 2009

lovely poem. tell me more about the Robin. I have many many Robins in my garden, they are all lovely, even the scruffy ones.

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The miracle of a moment that is moving and meaningful has a way of motivating us to do marvalous yet strange things. Wonderfully written.

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Tish Norville 07 January 2009

Hi, This poem is something. You use good imegry wich alows the reader to see what is going on. Nicely written. A.

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Mohammad Ilyas 18 December 2008

A nice write, a natural and deep theme and the sense of responsibility. It is good Sir.

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