Power To The People Poem by Colette Dright

Power To The People

The hurricane's over we begin to awake
We go outside to look around
We see trees, leaves, water subsiding
And power lines knocked down

It has been said, we have no power, our lights are still out
I hear this as we sit outside, we laugh and talk about
Well, what you speak is what it will be
For the power I have is the power in me

It seems like forever, they're taking too long
They need to do something quick to get our lights back on
Four days without power, oh it's so hot
For many now have power, yet we still do not

My friend brought me a generator and that was all so good
I plugged in the fan and grabbed the cell phones
To charge them while I could

No power yesterday, no power today, to me that's just not true
We all have the power within ourselves to use when going through
Don't wait for anyone else, go turn on your own light
Make every moment good or bad, make that moment bright

Wake up with the lights on, sleep with the lights on
Generate your thoughts daily, nonstop, yes, stay focused because
As long as the lights are on in your mind
You can leave any and all darkness behind

Do you have the power? Yes you do

You have the power to conquer, to know, to survive
To trust, to believe, to endure, to pray
You have the power within your soul to make it through each day

Believe in yourself - You are POWERFUL!

(In life we will go through different storms -
Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Snowstorms,
Relationships are storms, Financial storms and many others.
Just know, you are equipped to weather any and all storms that may come your way.

Be mindful of the words you speak and don't ever say, 'You don't have power.'
Always know, can't nobody turn your lights off.
The Power is within you and the Light is in you.

When everything else around you appears dark, focus on the light in you.
So in the midst of ALL circumstances, continue to let your light so shine brightly, weather the storm and know, this too shall pass.)

I wrote this poem a few days after experiencing another hurricane while living in New Orleans. (Some years after Hurricane Katrina)
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