Practice What You Preach Poem by Philip Winchester

Practice What You Preach

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: Practice what you Preach in Life. Acrostic Poem

Practice what you preach in life, pay not just lip-service to the cause.
Respect the other persons point of view and never shout them down.
Awake your Soul, feel and experience the flow of God within you
Content that Jesus Loves without Condition therefore I Love without condition to.
Take note of all your “Ah Ha” moments commit to memory or just write them down.
I shall breath and stay connected. Life lacks nothing returning back to tried and true.
Contrive to stay awake in the Now, when your time line arrives, you need always to be ready.
Ever see the opportunities and step in without fear. All problems have but three solutions

With nothing ventured nothing gained start seeking the third eye options
Holding gratitude for the Guides, be brave enough to admit you meditate as others do.
Accept hard compromise when it is offered, but make each task the one on which you're judged.
Treat others in the way you would be treated and hold the right to speak your mind with care.

You can always dream an image if you take time. So take that time and make reality a dream.
Oblige me with a Faith in God, Spiritual Mentors and Beauteous Quantum Therapists
Unification of all Acts to pull in the same direction without reward except Life Progress.

Practice what you preach.listen, learn and find the source of Love inside you.
Run ragged if you have to, but be Peacock Proud assuming no one is there.
Every word you speak to Apathetic Listeners, may be the key unlocking the Holy Grail.
Attempt in your humble way to help the Guardian Races to rehabilitate the Law of One.
Christian believers for over two thousand earth years have had but one central and true aim.
Have Faith now to support the families gone before, It's Pay Back Time, as if you didn't know.

I like to think, I practice what I preach, learn and listen. Sometimes the Silence tells me more.
No replies to endless questions, is anybody out there? Does anybody care? Take Heart my Friend.

Life Paths take off in all directions, North, South to the West and East and Up or Down.
If you can practice what you preach, Life becomes a Mirror, a polished surface for the World to see.
For every sceptic or UN-believer, to look upon reflecting all they miss and with hindsight, seek.
Eternity or immortal Fame is around the corner, so practice what you preach and see it through.

Munia Khan 16 February 2010

And preach what you practice! ! ! lovely idea as a theme of a prose......Superb! !

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