Proof Of Life Poem by anais vionet

Proof Of Life

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Earlier in the week I was pretty sick and Peter was pampering me. One night, as Peter was taking away my tea tray, I took a selfie to send to my mom - as proof of life.
He looked at it from the side, "Ooo, no, " he frowned, "too slutty." He put his hand out for my phone, "May I help? "
"Can you hear yourself talking? " I asked. My mouth was incredibly dry from the steroid meds. The entire world seemed an unnecessary irritation.
He gently tied my robe, straightened me and my pillows and took a new version. "Better? " he asked.
"Yes, " I said, a little more crossly than I meant to, "you're always right."
"It's the world we live in. Get used to it, " he muttered.
When I tried to pick up my iPad and go back to work, he gently took it away, "Stop, " he whispered, "It's 12am, you're done for the night."
I groaned, relieved really, then he took a small eucalyptus stick and dabbed it on my temples. "Gaa! " I said, "That's cold! "
Who knew grown up, Californian men were so into homeopathy? After a moment though, it felt amazing.

The next morning, a cat appeared in our suite! It was a solid gray kitten with deep, brown eyes. At first, we stared at it like it was an alien (where'd that come from?) until Leong came in from the cold and said, "Cat." Then it was welcomed.
About the time Sunny ID'd it as a British-shorthair, there was a tiny knock on our door and a little girl asked, "Have you seen.., " only to squeak "Cirrus! " when she saw her kitty. I'm telling you now, damn the rules, we would've kept that kitten.

bye Google. All Google's been doing this semester is feeding me into CAPTCHA traps, Argh!
How, in 2023, can Internet searches be getting harder? One of my roommates, Anna, is helping me test alternative search engines.
Anna's a wiry, freckled,5'4" farm-girl from Oregon, with wavy, shoulder length, dark-brown beach-hair. In our first semester, Anna was a firecracker tossed into my life. She'd bang on my door at 2am (I didn't even KNOW this crazy farmgirl) with her problems, klutziness and bad boyfriend stories, but she won me over with her vulpine-braininess, her impertinent straightforward secrets and laughter - all delivered in her exotic, western twang.
"Ok, " Anna suggests, getting way into my personal space to see my screen, "try - headache after sex."
"Sure, GET me on odd shopping lists, " I snark.
"Black mole on armpit, " she countered or "intimate dryness."
"Big help! " I laughed.

Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Rob Lamberton 23 January 2023

Thank you for sharing the fact that your alive so readily with us in a entertaining and real way!

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