Purification To The Words' Brothels Poem by dimitrios galanis

Purification To The Words' Brothels

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Who is going to commiserate with our words!
With its flagpole after them lusts
the lie of power's wantonness.
Its quiver's arrows?
Words' equations, simulations untenable,
exiles in the desert of silence,
fancy fashionable clothing camouflage
to beguile and mislead gullibles,
for each case blurry masks.
And if words stubbornly resist to succumb
and protest in their ton familiar,
reptile the vilification for baptism them drags
in the muddy waters of rain acid.
How could faithful followers' lips
read hymns in another trope, in other tone,
how could victims escape from frame-up
amid weirdspeaking phantoms of pretense?

Without the virginity of the words
how to restore your vision's plans?
Against their double ambiguous countenance
their shimmering and dazzling masks,
you can not array unfashionable contrivance
or loudspeakers already fornicated trust!
May it be a pity but
without uncorrupted, untouched in virginity words
you can not crafty οr innocent intents discern.

Lo! Nobis opus sanctum id est:

Purification to the words' brothels.

Purification To The Words' Brothels
Friday, January 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: corruption,deceit,democracy,lies
I composed it in english at 5-7 Ian.2016.It is based on a greek poem of mine by the title Των λέξεων τα πορνεία.
Edward Kofi Louis 08 January 2016

The lips of sin are leading the world today than the lips of the truth. Nice work.

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Dimitrios Galanis 08 January 2016

I have already read a lot of your poems, dear Edward.I do appreciate very much them.Most of them are great ones.I have to learn much studying them.Especially for me from the poetical vocabulary used, since only lately I started translating my own ones into english.Thank you for commenting my last poem.Your comment is for me a kind word which flatters me.Thank you again.

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dimitrios galanis

dimitrios galanis

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