Shadows Poem by dimitrios galanis


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Do not trust morning's shadows.
In midday they lose their echos,
and nights laugh at proud egos.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: consciousness
Daniel Brick 05 February 2016

NIGHTS LAUGH AT PROUD EGOS - Whether the day of this poem is the 24-hour day or representative of a whole life, the point is the same; Human beings do not have the breadth of experience over vast eons of time of gods and goddesses, and so they misjudge their own worth and wisdom. That makes them heroes but also places a tragedy within each of them. Yeats was sensitive to this: he wrote, NOW HIS WARS ON GOD BEGIN, /AT STROKE OF MIDNIGHT GOD SHALL WIN.

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Luz Hanaii 26 October 2018

Beautiful, much enjoyed.

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dimitrios galanis 31 October 2018

Thanks for having noticed it, my dear.

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Deep Paul 10 April 2018

Very short but deep and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing..10+++

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dimitrios galanis 11 April 2018

Thank you dear for your kind comment.

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Dee Corpolongo 01 July 2016

Lcve these words that can lead to deep thoughts and meanings. Thank you.

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 May 2016

laughing at night.... ego of the proud shadows....... yes night cannot bring in shadows unless there is light spread on you......... fine thoughts. a bit philosophical. thank you dear poets. tony

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Dimitrios Galanis 02 June 2016

Clever the comment my dear, thank you so much.We do give our life's struggle to know the world around us going through shadows, sometimes through our own shadows!

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Nosheen Irfan 05 April 2016

In the twilight of life man is lonely, even his own shadow leaves him. A very profound work that sums up life in just three lines.

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Dimitrios Galanis 06 April 2016

Thank you, Nosheen, for the kind words.Sometimes we do trust them and then happens what my ''Midday's shadows'' describe.

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dimitrios galanis

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