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She counts them, when can catch up, one by one.
She marks off: transparent, blurry ones...
Impetuous, hesitant...observes their behaviour.
Admires colours: greenish, caramel...
Elliptical, sphaerical...assorts their shape.
She imagines watermarks: Ηydras, aquatic different...
Appeals, messages...the hits on the window glass.
She feels like opening it to let them in,
so that not to crash their faces on the invisible obstacle
like undesirable visitors,
to wellcome them at her living room
and let her armchairs fulfill their own destination
neglected for so, so long!

Oh, she likes raining so much.
She is crazy about raindrops.
She expects them.
She likes them changing her idol behind the glass,
the transparent mirror.
They make it seem moving into their watery world.
She likes that new active idol of hers.
It's time she does not bear, day in - day out,
her own idol, the known one, all the same, worn out.
Oh, she hankers after them.
She 's fond of them, of the chance to live
into their own world,
into a moving world.

This is a translation of the poem Στάλες by dimitrios galanis
Monday, March 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,lonely
The lonely life.Seclusion and loneliness of our modern world.//My translation of the Στάλες written on April 2014
Hazel Durham 20 March 2017

Outstanding write with your vivid imagination you capture the scene with inspired lines, so absorbing and real!

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Dimitrios Galanis 22 March 2017

Generous your word, Hazel.Glad that you have liked it.

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 December 2016

dear Dimitrios, I'm assembling a new ebook of poetry ['Our Chains, Our Dreams' - to be published at the end of January or in February '17], and -from my point of view- this poem of yours would fit nicely.. what do you think, may I add it to the compilation? It is a very good poem. Let me know, ok? Un caro saluto F.

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 December 2016

Got your message, with the positive answer. Good. Thanks

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Anne Yun 20 November 2016

I agree with Deniel, 'a thing of wonder and delight'! Rather than 'loneliness' and 'lonely', i think 'solitude' might be more suitable. Loneliness belongs to hearts forget to appreciate and love, she loves raindrops very much, then how could she be lonely in those wonderful moments of observing them? I don't know all of women or human, but i think 'she' in the poem is a vivid 'me' in life, i grew up in nature, nature was my best playmate, now it's my healer and teacher, whenever i observe or wander in nature, i feel deeply connected, like a heart to a human. 'In the margin of the real world', where can be the margin? What is the 'real world'?

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Anne Yun 23 November 2016

Now i see, she is not like David Thoreau in Walden.

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Dimitrios Galanis 23 November 2016

The most important in our life is to be connected to other human beings.If you are not in contacts with affection you are alone, in loneless.That is the problem of the one in the poem.She is alone in the world with no human contacts and finds consolation in her contact with the raindrops....

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Daniel Brick 16 July 2016

This poem conveyed a double tone to me: On the surfacem the tone is exuberant. You describe the rain just as this woman experiences it - as a thing of wonder and delight, not at all just a routine weather event, the rainfall becomes a threshold and natural things become residents in the house, even sitting in chairs! And in the last stanza, if I'm reading this correctly, they becomes IDOLS, gods and goddesses of the distant past once again alive because a woman of today believes they have entered her reality. If this is an illusion, blessed is the mind that conceived it. The other tone, of course, is the loneliness of an individual in an impersonal world.

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Dimitrios Galanis 20 July 2016

You caught both targets, dear Daniel.A lonely woman in illusions, outside, in the margin of the real world one can not but fall in illusions.It's the society that makes us humans to understand the environment in its measurements.

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Pamela Sinicrope 13 May 2016

So you wrote this originally in Greek and then translated to English? This is such a lovely poem. The expression of the restrained emotion of the woman desiring more outside that window is haunting. I love your description of the different kinds of raindrops. Maybe others have read about the diversity in raindrops, but I have not. I've seen and written lots of poems about snow. I'm adding this poem to my favorites list immediately. Thanks for sharing.

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