Q Poem by Roger McGough


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I join the queue
We move up nicely.

I ask the lady in front
What are we queuing for.
'To join another queue,'
She explains.

'How pointless,' I say,
'I'm leaving.' She points
To another long queue.
'Then you must get in line.'

I join the queue.
We move up nicely.

Sayeed Abubakar 21 April 2011

your poem is undoubtedly beautiful

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M Asim Nehal 13 December 2015

And life is a Queue....Well thought.

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Keg Griff 16 January 2007

heylo its keg n meg (go live!) Erm were doin this 4 our Alevel as well and would also like some one to shed abit of light on the poem pleaseo ppl! love keg n meg x x x

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Amy Smith 08 January 2007

This poem is used as a stimulus for the AQA A level group choreography exam. Does anyone know where McGough got his inspiration for this poem or if he has said anything about this poem?

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Josey Alfred 17 July 2016

To be in joyful queue is a pleasure.

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Suryendu Chaudhury 22 October 2020

The feeling of uncertainity and purposeless in the post modernist era is reflected here.

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Anthony Acquah 01 July 2019

There is never a right or wrong queue.Everytime you stand in a queue you think that there is a shorter one next to the one you stand in.It never happens though

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Adeeb Alfateh 29 May 2019

superb poem; How pointless, ' I say, 'I'm leaving.' She points To another long queue. 'Then you must get in line.' superb poem expression in pleasured mind

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Alexander 13 March 2019

What a beautiful poem! ! !

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Roger McGough

Roger McGough

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