Ragtime Pappy Poem by Paul Amrod

Ragtime Pappy

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Ragtime Pappy swinging on the porch
and watching the morning's twilight.
The swallowtail butterfly through the haze
will softly land on his burning torch
as he practices stride in sweet delight.
Proposing a rhythmical polymetric craze.
Ragtime Pappy I will sing to keep you happy
one of those nostalgically moving melodies.
Lighting your pipe and blowing a circle
and filling it with tinier peculiarities.
Grooving with spoons upon your knee
Creating a raucous and a chronicle
Dancing a cakewalk in with ol' granny
Saving the square dance for hilarity
Viewing the rolling hills and every nook and cranny
to rediscover phenomena as a spectacle.
Ragtime Pappy has been in prosperity
since the entrepreneurs went uncanny.
His value of earthliness and simplicity
has gathered followers as a pinnacle
of suppleness, brilliance and oversight.
Keep the candles and fireplace burning
to lay foundation for avoiding obstacles.
Teach the curious who are hungry for learning
while the boat is docked on the briny side.
Ragtime Pappy hears his most favorite tunes
played this morning on the calliope.
Asking once again his mysterious inquiries
which saved his demeanor from the wild tycoon.
Ragtime Pappy always can conquer my miseries.
As I was young I sat enthralled on his 'lappy'
listening to his yarns about sweet baby bunting.
We heard the ancient echoes of the elder crowd
excitingly flabbergasted shouting and clapping
Occasionally it was rambunctiously fierce and loud
with the roaring of the twenties terse and snappy.
Charleston was the dance with a short lampoon.
Every evening was a great charade round about
midnight with every street urchin confronting
the ruthless playboys under the crescent moon.
The nocturnal whistles came so pleasantly throughout
Under the boardwalk stood a troll so harmless.
He was waiting for the two cents he wished to pitch in.
Nevertheless no ear gave reckoning to our songstress.
Ragtime Pappy recollects his dimes and nickels
with finesse and charm within his process
financing his bun with mustard and pickles.
The senselessness of the moment does not disturb
his willingness to recapture and to reassess.
Jelly Roll brought the blues to be heard
within the strains of a ragtime's twostep.
Rebounding in joy with spices and herbs
Jambalaya and Gumbo soup possessed
a special blend for Pappy's wiggle.
The Spanish moss hung from the magnolia
as the weary travelers simply overslept.
Waking to the master with his ambrosia
appeasing the masses who were silently kept.
Lost are the pilgrims in their phantasmagoria
weaving their path to the Waldorf Astoria.
Listening to Xavier Cugat with his Perfidia
adorning the halls as all princesses slept.
Searching for some byway to rendezvous
with the longing nymphs who only giggle.
Ragtime Pappy we wished was our messiah
embellishing the woodwork with taboos.
Inciting his magic with curls and scribbles
consoling the prophets who bitterly wept.
Playing with a jumping jack on the Pianola
with his zoot suit clean with the watch a-dangling.
All the choruses would end with a Gloria
Dancing with their fancy flapper heels tangling
Keeping the beat with their blue velvet shoes.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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