Rainy Day In Old Vienna Poem by Paul Amrod

Rainy Day In Old Vienna

Rating: 3.8

It's raining down on Old Vienna
Funny I lost my new umbrella
Hearing in my inner ear the strains of Schubert
Pulling my heartstrings as I shed a tear
The beatific phrases of the Trout Quintet
wander through my memory from yesteryears.
Seeing a gentle butterfly land upon my lap
as droplets form upon my baseball cap.
Formulating limericks with a new-born tongue
Singing melodies that remained unsung
Hot passions in my heart are flowing over
Beating like a pulse from a four-leaf clover
Following Franz's phrases which I won't forget
as a Austrian fairy turns a pirouette.
Alive a lightning bolt dives into the darkness of the day
Soon will follow the rumble of Thor with thunder
reenacting a mysterious mood of flirtatious play
blending into a surrealistic display of wonder.
Watching the coming deluge from the sky above
I can't help but to be thinking of
the sentimental whispers from a silhouette
as it tenderly passes and disappears.
Following the secretive apparition
to the cave of a jovial puppeteer.
Waiting naturally for permission
from a hermit or a musketeer.
Searching through Mother Hubbard's cabinet
for some cups to catch the rain.
Playing in the city park some croquet
through the puddles to stop the pain.
In the pond swam some mallard ducks
lost in pleasure so dreamily
I threw them some bread in the muck.
This good act I did repeatedly.
Oh heaven help my wayward misery
before it drives me insane.
Fashioned for a somber poet
was an inspiration out of luck.
Coinciding with the Muse's intonation
was a demure and unassuming coquette.
Stumbling with my articulation
as a wind blew by quite viciously.
Wrenching my hands like a washcloth
for the weather was full of trickery.
Suddenly flew a monstrous moth
out of nowhere from the hickory.
The genius of the magazine Simplicisimus
which I read in the precipitation
provoked my sarcastic satire
to substitute my weak desire.
My morals were weakened and loose
as a cloudburst came a-pouring.
A succulent princess I was adoring
Crazily possessed with a cave man's fire
I played wildly with an ace and deuce.
Lost amongst a crowd of harlequins
who laughed at me while snoring.
Barking at the shower of charlatans
as they rippled the pool. Deploring
the muddy walkway on the way to Zeus.
Blurting out only nimble nonsense
to tickle the proverbial comedian.
Submerged in a tank of water
with some helpless Bohemians.
Complaining to the mustached daughters
who were adept with ways to seduce.
Help me, this drizzle is so boring
it unnerves me and it's quite abstruse.
I hope that this Viennese weather will clear
and we can enjoy a pretty sunset
or perhaps we will see it still condense
for high humidity fills the atmosphere.

Captain Cur 05 August 2017

Humor, observation, fantasy, play on words, stream of consciousness, its all here and more in Rainy Day In Old Vienna. Need to head my ship in that direction for some old ancient inspiration. Really enjoyed the write.

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Paul Amrod 07 August 2017

Hi Captain, Great to hear from you. I enjoy your writings as well. Very inspirational. Greetzings, Paul

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

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