Rain Brings Happy And Gloomy Together Poem by MAHTAB BANGALEE

Rain Brings Happy And Gloomy Together

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rain comes rain
rain wets my pain,
wets my dust of gain,
cleans my walking lane,
find I inside a path of sane

rain comes on empty green fields
cows, calves, goats run away dancing

rain comes and wets nature
dogs, cocks, hens move on my doorway
sparrow, tailor birds soaked in the grove
flapping wings and feathers seek warm

rain comes and wets coconuts and betel-nuts trees
raindrops fall as trees tears

rain comes on the poorly pond
fishes are playing hide and seek around
kingfisher waits to make a dish of fish
in food natures allow- no bond

rain comes on paths, quay, field
a passerby walks with an umbrella
ship discharges goods
soaking child play mirthfully

rain comes on little boys and girls of the village
they use banana leaves on the head like an umbrella

rain comes on the desert
quenches its thirsty heart

rain comes around us
venomous, non-venomous snakecrawls on frog liberally
earthworms cultivate soft field gamely

rain comes, water plays its rule over all
urban drains are full of naughty- garbage water
urbane street and footpath flooding
skyscraper building floating on immobile stinky water
rain comes unsurprisingly
cholera, diarrhea touches neighbor slum child

rain comes, roaring flood attacks terribly
dead crows, cows, dogs, mice in the urban dustbin

rain comes, soggy feelings on my sight
I do not find my pet cat and tame dog

rain comes, flooding, around my flooding
the street tong tea stall flooded away
supplying daily foods-goods are short
the tariff rate is high
rain comes with a price hike

rain comes but the doctor does not come
water cause patient increases day by day

rain comes with snow coolness
cough harasses beloved voice
I'm not hearing a welcome song of rain

rain comes and I come-
by the right eye, I see elated life of around nature
by the left eye, I see gloomy death is nature's feature

-August 13,2018 Chattogram

Rain Brings Happy And Gloomy Together
Me Poet Yeps Poet 28 April 2020

this vereeeeeeeeeeeeee long oneeeeeeeeeee> > > > > > > > > > shorten it rainy virus can be killed only by short and sunny....... mb of bd

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