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You Are My Poem

Give me some letters
I'll make words
Give me some words
I'll make sentence

Be Independent

Dear, come,
Come to the poems,
Come and live with poems,
Live, and live in the kingdom of poems,

I Am # 05

Birth is not from sin
Birth is from the best love;
from the faithful love of two biological soul;
From the gushing liquid I'm; as if an aquatic animal

To You I Come

I come to your dawn
In you I find the part of awakening

I come to your noon

Change To Concrete

Walking; as if I am walking in the scenery of story
Through mountain, hilly forest, bush of greenery
Walking beneath to peak, peak to beneath as spider
Seeing riding horse outside of forest, inside the tiger

Concrete Expectation

In long breaths expectations lead me to die
I want to take loan some times to omit sigh
Your love is one color in the coat of colorful life
The wings of heron flying on the village of blue sky

Poetry Is Poetry

I thought poetry is
-nubile beauty where lustfulness decorate unstable life
-nude bathing of a juvenile girl in the raining pond
-wrestle mania game of beauty queen Charlotte Flair

I Died Before My Birth!

I went to the rivers. Rivers asked me, "Do you know we're alive? "
I went to the oceans. Oceans asked me, "Do you know we're alive? "
I went to the pebbles. Pebbles asked me, "Do you know we're alive? "
I went to the rocks. Rocks asked me, "Do you know we're alive? "

Let Me Live Long

The mind binds me in the golden cage of mirage
Running I'm on the sandy shore of timing race
The balmy sea breeze of poems vibrate the thought
Losing I'm slowly all in the gyre of an epidemic pot

Natural Art

They said that is nakedness
I said that is my born physical form

They said that pollutes the environment

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