Rainbow Poem by Uche Nwanze


Rating: 5.0

Nature cries in anguish, the Creator's heart bleeds at the wickedness of his creation
In the beginning he made them male and female
Yellow, Black and White like the colours of the Rainbow he created them
In his image he created mankind, the creator is yellow, Black and White
His creation flawless and perfect as His
His creation a reflection of his divinity
His creation a definition of his personality
His creation a Masterpiece, a mirror of his heart
The Rainbow, variety and diversity colour our world
How boring life would be if the Rainbow was only Yellow
How monotonous life would be if everyone were White
How humdrum life would have been if we were all Black
He weeps at the folly of his creation
A mockery they have made the work of his hand
In the beginning, all he created was good
In the beginning He made them all equal, Yellow, Black and White
The same air we breathe
The same Sun shows us the way
The same rain pours down on Yellow, Black and White
Mortality our common destiny, death will come for all
why would the colour of my skin be a curse?
Why would the colour of my skin get me into trouble?
Am i a disease?
Am i a cancer?
why so much hate and bitterness?
God's own country, a land no longer save
Land of the free, still in chains
When will this madness stop?
How long will i be treated like a second class citizen in my own country?
How will i look over my shoulders?
Will the seed of my loins be judged by his character or the colour of his skin?
How long will i be avoided like a plague?
The colour of my skin, the colour of the Creator
The colour of my skin, your respect i deserve
The colour of my skin, I am tired of your hate.

This is a tribute to George Lyold and every black man, woman, boy or girl who have suffered and is still suffering from the hydra dreaded monster called Racism. All of us should say NO TO RACISM.
Shaun Cronick 02 June 2020

A more than fine poem with a superbly well-written moral message for people to take stock of their lives and hopefully reflect on. Based sadly on recent unwelcome events that powerfully hits home for every reader. Thank you Uche and take care good sir.10++.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 02 June 2020

Racial discrimination must be repelled like a virus....10++

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Uche Nwanze 02 June 2020

Thanks for your kind comments, i agree we must repel racism like a virus

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