Ramadan Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim


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By Freeyad Ibrahim

They say it is Ramadan
I say yes it is welcome
They say we are fasting
I say but I am not fasting
But welcome to Ramadan
They say eatig and drinking are haram
I say lying is more haram
They say not praying in the mosque is haram
I say going to there but not giving alms
to the poor and hungry is more haram.
You are fasting for friends and family
to let them know you are fasting
But I fast for God and for myself
I eat a bit over day and drink a bit
sill seeking for the hungry to feed
for the thirsty to let him / her drink
You sit home praying starving no power left
I am powerful still go out
to look for everyone needs someting to eat
to survive...to drink...to float not to sink
Then who is -in fact- fasting
which is a true one? Yours of my fasting?

Feeling of the Hunger of the Hungry
As you Do!
Or Giving Food to the Hungry
As I Do! ! !

Freyad Hugo
(Dutch writer, poet)

fraidoon warasta 21 April 2022

Thanks Ibrahim, here you can read a poem illustating more less Moslim world in the Netherlands.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 10 May 2022

3-In fact I, like the majority of moderate Muslims prefer to keep silent, tonguetied...(keep silent to be safe) --thanks for your (gentle humor) ! ! !

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Freeyad Ibrahim 10 May 2022

I am born and grown up in een Arabic country--heb highest degree in Arabic language, literature and grammar...

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2) Freeyad's poem I do understand wholly about the word HARAM. Thank you for your attention, dear Poet

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1) I have been brought up in a Moslim world, all day long all night long loud musicals and loud prayers through loudest micriohones/speakers, finally I am truly accustomed to this Holy Rituals and prayers. I do understand the word HARAM, Fraidoon,

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Freyad Hugo 26 April 2022

Dear Fraidun--I am so pleased to have you read and emjoyed my poem---be happy, don'r worry--I have written 6 novels in the Netherlands---thanks

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