Laquory Jones

Reborn - Poem by Laquory Jones

It takes a lifetime to get reborn
I see your brain falling back doing
Double takes not wanting to partake
Excuse me thoughts are coming in
At an alarming rate with demons
That I could never shake it's must
Be the instant hate frosted as the
Winter flakes some people
Must be running from the truth
When it begins to skew then you
Wonder why life gets construed
Faces turns royal blue as I see
Eyes in a hue so much life that
I had to chew days had begun
To blew deep down I knew minds
Will be broken in two that's always
How it starts With inner souls
Grasping at the inner hearts I just
Hope we never have to depart
These thoughts are my spark trying
To light up the dark my painted art
But I get misunderstood behind the
Greater good hands knocking wood
I swear tongues never lie when my
Brain is on a high not in the way you
Seem to think It's the drugs that the
Brains begins to paint so what if my
Thoughts are a little taint I never once
Claimed to be a saint I'm just like you
Trying to figure out a better me trying
To live a life that's care-free But even
Through two retinas you would never
See The pain that bears so heavily
Yeah my shadow of insecurity begins
To suffocate no time to resuscitate
As the pain begins to elevate I sit
And try to navigate through this
Fragile state people using your
Own weakness against you hoping
That you slip so you throw tantrum
Fits as your inner-self fall against
The grit so you bite harder on the
Bit but by now You don't give a lick
The buried wick has now got a lit
Dynamic stick with a flaming switch


Topic(s) of this poem: life

Form: Elegy

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 31, 2015

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