Red Moon Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Red Moon

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Which day is it today, my dear?
Don't you know anymore?
So very sorry for you, it's clear
a new day as I remember, not day of yore

it's happy weekend, the cozy long free days
full of soliloquies and apple pies, my friend
full of love and memories, a problem to comprehend
how do I know that, I am glad you asked in so many ways

how do I know that, how do I know that?
darling, haven't you watched the moon last night?
she is smiling full, she is smiling beautifully in red
I happened to know that, the news was on, I do hope I'm right

oh yes indeed, we have dark moon, white moon, blue and red
on those nights I'm oft thinking of you abed
so much happiness and apple-pies
so many tokens, so many why's....

Red Moon, Blood Moon Night, very Beautiful to watch at
as I lay at night day-dreaming on my silken bed....
AD. Friday night 27th of July 2018

Red Moon
It was full red moon, beautifully painted....
on my home firmament....

Friday deep red night, all bright red moon,
AD. Friday the 27th of July 2018
Sylvia Frances Chan 29 July 2018

PART FOUR: of course, I do realize those wrong words afterwards changed and corrected perfectly

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Robert Murray Smith 28 July 2018

It was clearly seen in Adelaide. A wonderfully optimistic poem.++10 ps correction for soliloquy

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PART EIGHT and the LAST PART: PH submitted my poem though. This time I need to EXPLAIN all these to you in a correct way. Thank you for your attention, Robert.

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PART SEVEN: note correction) BUT my correction who was earliest and before your comment, was not yet there. IF that could be there as quickest, then the time that you gave your comment, my poem was corrected, but due to the slowth of PH, my correction was not yet there, but PH

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PART SIX: Robert, I invite you now to read my poem MUST THINK TWICE. Thank YOU! You must believe me, I DID correct that word myself from the first minute I realize that, BUT when I open again my poem, I read your comment was there with your note (thank you so much for your

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PART FIVE: but if you do that on poem hunter poem site that needs not a minute nor an hour but a tremendous long night

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PART THREE: you can read no correct words anymore the i instead of an o and all that much more

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PART TWO: ambidextrous person) I cite here some lines from that poem MUST THINK TWICE, here I go: he letters changed per accident

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PART ONE: Thank you for your response and comment. You were the very first one to give comment here, BUT what you don't know yet, I realized instantly (after having submitted this poem) about that one letter mistake (not a word mistake, but a letter mistake since I am an

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Bernard F. Asuncion 28 July 2018

Sylvia, such a wonderful poem....10+++++

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