Reflection Of Beauty Poem by Alicia Meyers

Reflection Of Beauty

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I close my eyes - and I picture myself in a mirror. My own reflection. I see my amber eyes, the fiery flame that burns inside them-I see my black curly hair, the poofness that makes the curls unique - I see my body figure, as i see a heavy set girl: the age of 15, beginning to become a woman. And then my mind becomes blank with the thought of my figure being thinner- more beautiful. When I walk by a person, I automatically think that they think that I'm a slob, pig, unbeautiful, unworthy to be alive. So as I look at myself in this reflection-I see the girl they see. An unbeautiful girl at the age of 15 who shouldn't be alive. But when I see myself inside my head, it's all different. There is no such thing as unbeautiful, unworthy, humans who shouldn't be alive. Our society is wonderful, where there is no bad, no crimes, no heartbreak, where outside of my brain, there is bad, crimes, and heartbreaks. And as I ask my reflection self if I'm beautiful-the reflection of me replies; you will be beautiful inside your heart, pretty intelligent, gorgeously amazing, and you will always be beyond beautiful.

Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

Greenville, South Carolina
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