Releasing The Hold Poem by Jo Elliott

Releasing The Hold

Is it because I know who I am
that the relationship feels like such a sham?
Or is it because I'm too ideal and what I want is too unreal?

I feel that time is a precious thing
especially the happiness it can bring.
Yet, I must accept time so small
and not even expect a text or call,
as this is so then you must see,
that with this I do not agree.

I'm tired of trying to make things work out.
I'm not going to be the one to always shout!

I will happily go along my way
and live my life from day to day.

In it or out of it the choice is yours,
no longer will I just accept your flaws.
You begged for me to come back to you
yet, I don't think you thought it through.

You grabbed your trophy with a grin
expecting to be the one to win.

You said I'd changed, this much I know,
I don't care now if you stay or go.

I know
I can be without you by my side.
I can accept it that our love has died.
I know it's hard for you to give
the love and care to help it live,
so what's the point in trying to
put in the effort that I do?

Another thing I know for sure
is that you'll come back again, once more
and maybe again and again,
I see
it's you who can't live without seeing me.

You can for a while and then you'll be beat
even more so if someone else I meet.
You don't want me,
this much is true,
yet, you won't let me move on from you.

You're scared I will find happiness,
you like it that you cause a mess.
This is what you did before;
it's now time for me to say "No More"!

There's no way I'll go back again
to the time that I was in then.
I really thought I needed you
I've had time to think it through.

The time has come for me to see and start living in reality,
some make believe world you'd like me to
where I have just been a make do.

The love I have for you is real
though there is none for me, I feel.
Give and take is how it is,
you taking all though
I won't miss!

If you think you use,
then have some doubt
and regard what I feel love is all about.
Maybe then, when it has sunk in a bit,
you'll come back again and we will fit.

‘Till then
off you go,
live your life your way!
I no longer want to play the game you play.
I know your rules
and they only apply to you.
I also know any female will do.

While you're gone I will be free and feel nothing else but pity
for you and whoever becomes your pawn,
who you will fill right up with scorn.

You will then be the victim
and you'll run back to me
and you'll beg and plead;
you won't let me be.

Into my life you will return and on the road we'll travel again.
The circle will go round and round
yet, from now on there will be no pain.

Thank you for reading 💖

Walking my walk, , , This one was my acceptance, I saw the way it was, I accepted the way it was and it no longer had the same affect on me that it once had. The pain I felt from the severing of the relationship had gone! The pain of not having them around anymore had gone! The pain I felt each time they came back had gone! We walked again and this time there is no pain, for me. I got the closure, I saw the reality, I lived the dream without it being shattered and I walked my own walk. I spent time with the man I love, I did things I enjoyed doing, I prevented myself from being taken advantage of and I live my own life all the while. By writing the poems I was able to decipher myself and my life and what being with them meant to me within my life. I realised that, no matter what, my dreams and their reality would never be aligned, together or apart
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