Resigning Cloud... Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

Resigning Cloud...

On an arousing night I sleep,
I dream; embark on a trip
Through bare blue sky,
Where stars won’t blink
Neither wink nor stare;
The sky pale ‘n shy
I sit on her lean silken cloud sailing by
I know not where,
I know not it doesn’t tell me why!

My mind looks behind sailing, to see
The trails I left this far life sour ‘n sweet,
Friends ‘n foes love ‘n hate all roles I played;
Roles excelled those miserably failed
Games lost ’n won break evens gained;
I look ahead ‘n shudder to think
To where my journey is, to where I’m led…

I feel heavy; my carry gets slow
Drifts down; I lean to see the ocean below
The sea of love for life, shores either side,
The silvery waves down beckoning me,
My mind goes after my boundless thirst,
Runs after this mirage, gets tired sweat wet,
More drained; inside insatiable remains…

Ending my journey ending my dream
My mind awakens me; the cloud resigns…

29 06 08

Micheal Udenyi 10 February 2009

this is great it is a perfect combination of interesting poetic devices full of imagery and the reality of life in the dreamland of dreams kip it up

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Vaibhav Pandey 08 February 2009

such a great composition sir.....flawless.

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Malini Kadir 21 January 2009

last two lines sum up well......did my poetry seem like wakeful dreams to you? It did this one....and smooth the flow!

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Salu Salu 18 January 2009

its called fantastic when you create a whole train of thought along with enjoying the beauty of nature.......go shoulder to shoulder...never departing... a serene retrospective.....the decipher of ambiguity is quite interesting....the words spontaneously overflowing to make the verse supreme. thanks/salu

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Geetha Thilakam 02 March 2021

Fantastic. An attempt of self analysis floating with nature n ature

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Thank you Gita. Well said. Today only I found your nice feedback

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Hans Vr 23 May 2010

Very nicely written Full of meaning, melodious and poetic Reading it I felt like I should take and perhaps all of us should take on and off a ride on your silken cloud As long as we shudder on the cloud, we will be glad to have a chance to come back to the sea I hope the last time we are on the cloud, it will be a ride of joy Our sorrows tend to become small If the balance of good and bad is tipping towards the good As for now, I think may still shudder just like you. I just keep on trying.... Many thanks for the wondeful imagery Congrats You get also from me a 10+

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 09 August 2009

reflections of your life you see from above...a lovely poem with beautiful and meaning blends well in this poem...i take this into my favs....10

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I love your idea of the cloud and not simply noticing what was below you, but using it as a soft platform to evaluate your life. You have used beautiful imagery (I loved the stars) and the whole piece has a lovely lovely flow See! I can't stop using the word love...Tis true I do LOVE it all. Karin Anderson

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Sandra Martyres 18 March 2009

Quite simply a great combination of ideas and imagery....I enjoy reading your poetry Kesav

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