Resurrection - The Easter Story Poem by Ernestine Northover

Resurrection - The Easter Story

Rating: 3.9

They slept, who should have guarded,
And watched over his tomb,
But he 'rose up' and none did see
His rebirth from this womb,
His spirit graced the garden,
His final act was done,
He was 'The Resurrection'
His victory had been won.

© Ernestine Northover

Andrew Blakemore 25 June 2009

A lovely easter verse Ernestine, beautifully written. Love, Andy xx

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Duncan Wyllie 18 April 2006

Yes, this is how I love to see it portrayed, maybe the most important point in history so complex in it meaning that it needs a way to be able to reach the people in a more simplistic way, you have done this so well Erneatine, Another gem for your bowl, Love Duncan

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***** ********* 18 April 2006

Ernestine, you take my breath away, this is a perfect expression of what his resurrection truly means. A victory indeed. What all men should aspire to. Happy Easter to you and yours, smiling at you, mary magdeline in Tai's eyes.

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Scarlett Treat 18 April 2006

They slept who should have guarded - what a perfect description of our human condition.

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Raynette Eitel 18 April 2006

This is very nice, Ernestine...The brevity and your choice of images from that day make it a really fine poem of Easter and victory over death. Raynette

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