A Heavenly Thought Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Heavenly Thought

Rating: 4.7

I had a thought, that if I got to Heaven
And knocked on the 'pearly gates' at seven,
St Peter would say ' Hold it there'
We haven't got a place to spare,
Not at least, until the clock strikes ten
Then we would consider you again.
Now, if you would like to take a seat
Outside somewhere, and rest your feet,
We'd definitely be able to take you through
When the clock strikes half past two.
But if by chance a 'harp' you play,
There'd be a place for you, right away!

© Ernestine Northover

Brian Dorn 08 December 2006

A quirky and lighthearted look at the afterlife... cute and very clever, Ernestine! ! Brian

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Esther Leclerc 13 May 2006

A cute take on the traditional view, Ernestine. Thanks for the smile! Esther : ]

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Emma Johnson 07 March 2006

I think with the 'pearly' words of your poems, you shall be admitted straightaway. A tender poem.

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Scarlett Treat 08 February 2006

Here's hoping that a rhyming troubadour counts as a 'harpist' because we make music in our own way. How funny to think of 'taking a seat and waiting! ' You've had a stray thought that turned out to be so funny. Linda

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Noureddine Elkalai 27 January 2006

I have just read 'A Heavenly Thought'. It's like a soft breeze!

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Mah Ham 04 July 2021

A very enjoyable poem to read; thanks for posting.

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 13 March 2021

Lovely, light and humorous poem. Put a smile on my face. Thank you!

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Kayode Peter Ogunleye 03 September 2014

What a inspirational poem, heaven is Real. A place of eternity. More grace.

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~ Jon London ~ 02 May 2008

An outstanding poetess, your words and wisdom within your fine writing is remarkable, what a perfect description of the place we all hold so dear to us. Thank you for sharing all the very best jon

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Hemakumar Nanayakkara 24 April 2008

An interesting poem about going the heaven. I enjoyed reading this superb write.

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