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Roll Up Roll Up

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Roll up Roll up! come to the Fair,
roll up roll up! come take a ride.
Come and see the Carousel,
and all the show's on the side.
Coconut Shy's, three balls for a pound.
'Try hitting the target madam,
not the ground!
Fortune Tellers and kiss me quick hats,
Helter Scelter slides, on coconut mats.
Bumper Cars, Ghost Trains,
The rides that thrill, and the Scenic Raiway,
that goes up, and over the hill.
Big Dippers and water rides,
will all give you a scare,
but lets face it folks, that's the fun of the fair.

Toffee apples and peanuts, lot's of stickey treats,
candy floss, burgers, and sugar dummy sweets.
'So come on Dad's, you won't find it a bore,
their's a Rifle Range, where you can score!
Send the kids to the fun house, and Mum to bingo
that's if she can understand the lingo.We have a Picnic Park,
and a place to ramble, and lots of Arcades for those,
who want to gamble.
Gift shops for presents, and postcards to send,
and if the young ones get tired,
we have a pushchair to lend, and if be needed,
there's a bouncy castle, to tie the day up,
in a gift wrapped parcel.
'Roll up Roll up, here I go again,
sorry folks it's now started to rain!

Duncan Wyllie 15 March 2006

All the fun of the fair.Lovely.From Duncan

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Scarlett Treat 15 March 2006

I hear the music of the Merry-go-round calling me now. The feeling of walking around as a child, so full of excitement that I thought I would burst. I absolutely loved this one, Rosie, and the feel of disappointment when that rain come! ! Oh, how we ran for cover. Good work, Scarlett

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Sandra Fowler 13 March 2006

What a happy, positive poem. It is pure summertime.Reminds me of country fairs and the circus. Love, Sandra

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