Sadistically Letting The House Burn Poem by Paul Amrod

Sadistically Letting The House Burn

Here we all stand weighing with the scale of justice which gravely tips
our limits of tolerance as the Senate becomes a most sensitive jury.
Criticizing his defense, because there is none, DJ heckles like a hyena
waiting for the carnage to roll in laughing without remorse or mercy.
Victimizing his supporters leading them with a trip to an Apocalypse
calling in his wild horses to a calamity held at our most sacred arena.
Ignoring the ramifications of his actions he decided to online his speech
of incitement grousing over fraud saying the country has had enough.
Meanwhile his champions commenced their war as angry insurgents
not giving a damn for human life engaging in their cynical bluff.
Little did we know what the result of this murderous convergence
caused as the guard rails were plundered and holy ground was breached.
With complicit help with a fist held high they pressed the Capitol police
who were helplessly outnumbered losing ground to the encroachment.
Running over Tweeter was his mangled lingo saying to "Stop the Steal"
implanting a perverse inspiration to continue as DJ did profusely teach
to take back your country and fight like hell with their emblazonment.
Wearing proudly a phrase coined by him during a horrific debate
saying to "Stand Back and Stand By" and Wallace amazed at this surreal
statement for the world to hear while our Prez stood still and irate.
Now the vat has overflowed regurgitated poisons and raising hate
as the crowd successfully entered slamming sticks and breaking bones.
No attempt was made to ask for reconciliation for Donny placed a call
to a Southern Senator asking for disruption of a constitutional process.
Blinded by his selfishness he held to the conclusion he was not alone
exciting the mob he would always reign yet inflicting this awful brawl.
Never did he come to the aid of Congress as the crowd came seething
being somewhat delighted with the war waging after many ugly hours.
Subjecting the lawmakers to scurry while the hoodlums transgressed
through the historic halls trying to save our lame-duck's ruthless power.
Acting like a six-month baby punk screaming with no pacifier teething
so he could one day chew his peanuts for his party of the Red Elephant.
He then denounced VP Pence overseeing the vote count in the Capitol.
DJ demanded to disrupt it as his rightful duty under the Constitution.
Immediately afterward, 'The crowd went wild calling Pence a traitor, '
Then old Spaz and friends called up a cop with a disgusting guttural
'Can I speak to Pelosi? Yeah, we're coming to assassinate her sooner or later."
while the noose was hung for Mike in hiding. However this was no illusion.
Never did DJ ask for help and Mike called the National Guard like a patriot
as we are hoping with our tongues tied for the cooperation of sycophants.
Throw in the towel of a four-year cancer eating you into a delusion
and making you numb to see the truth and the facts so very relevant.
Donnie's last statement should curl your hair and turn your stomach!
"These things happen when a sacred landslide election victory
is unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from you compatriots.
Remember this day forever because this election was fraudulently stolen.
Go home now, we love you. You are very special" was completely contradictory
to reality where DJ used this fools only to cease the certification of valid votes.
Now he sits playing golf, whistling Dixie, in Mar-a-Lago with his Ego swollen
dreaming of his days with all of his companions who were only cutthroats.
We are all waiting for his conviction as a practicing charlatanistic racketeer
as a golden spoon recipient will be incarcerated for his malicious trickery.
He will go down hard like his friends from Big-Time Wrestling as the goats
blare his defeat and a touché will be ordered from a belligerent musketeer.

This is about the second impeachment.
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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