Salvation Poem by kipper Stagg


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I used to listen to you talk about 'Compassion' and love and how we as a society have become selfish and greedy.

And oh! How you loved it being the centre of attention vying for everyone's affection your sermons encapsulated us like a well fitting glove

We should try to live like saints and share our love, throw away possessions,
Live simply and try to help the needy.

God loves a sinner and that's every one of us.
His forgiveness has a force so great that we could not imagine
And oh! The power of his love!

yet do but one wrong thing and there will be no forgiveness.
It's hell for us all. Cast out Self indulgence, lust, greed and self satisfaction!

But I tell you this! Hell is other people, and as for the needy where were you when others called for help and you turned your back?

You where a showman, good at playing on people's heart strings, words come cheep; sentiment can't heal the sick and needy only actions.

Yet strangely people still love you? they listen fervently to your sermons unaware it's all an act, your veneer had slipped and for one second and I saw the real you.

You have no faith! It's all a well rehearsed act, a job chosen to keep your mother happy or ensure you free passage into heaven.

Perhaps there was faith once? Or fear? But not now! You allowed the self to take centre stage and forsook all others.

I was your greatest follower once, but I saw the other you! The real you!
You where no different to those you would preach about, the selfish and greedy,

You never helped the needy!

Elena Sandu 21 February 2012

I love your poems! I feel them like storms, here what this one brought to my soul, if it is too much please feel free to delete: I think People may hang on their Gods because they want love. They want to know that no matter what, there is something or somebody out there who will forgive their sins or faults and love them anyway Just as they are..Also people have a tremendous capacity to love, where shall they put all that? Giving to the family is something normal (yet beasts are doing it better than us) .. to our neighbours? Friends? Unknown? Pets? How much you can give to each? Could break their wall of privacy? .. To the needy? How to get straight to them? They are cleverly isolated and the outside wall is well protected..And anyway nowadays rare are those who are not needy they maybe have to help themselves.. So there must be a superior (force) to answer all those and manipulate us.. it is easy to let others think make the rules for us, it is easy to keep love locked inside, it is easy to have a god to pray, it is easy to have a god to love instead of all the people and things around, easy not to risk rejection. But I do hope there is a god... I have not found it wonder could it be about a quiet soul? Thank you!

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