Science And Religion Poem by Deluke Muwanigwa

Science And Religion

Science and religion

Science will silence dreams in subconcience
Tyrants will cause screams insubcontinents
They show you the way
The endless highway
Engineers, builderssubcontractors

Science and religion

Show me where faith has worked
Completed any project on time
I will show you where it caused havoc
Every line doesnt have to rhyme
Newton's laws are not based on faith
Charles Darwin theories are not fact
Einstein had faith but used science
And his theory caused belief silence
Nothing works without laws of nature
Despite gaining political stature
Realilty is we still need air to breathe
Even procreation we do need to breed
Laws of nature are the Laws of God
In these laws we find the atom of Gold
God is too omni important to be elated
In our prayers and the hymns created
Our creator rejoices in the love shown
Not in the hatred and killing of his own

Thursday, September 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
Anjandev Roy 10 September 2020

Laws of nature are the Laws of God...............significant........thank u, dear poet....anjandev roy.

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Varsha M 10 September 2020

Our creator rejoices in the love shown Not in hatred and killing of his own...these lines are really beautiful.

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