Searching Within Myself Poem by Laquory Jones

Searching Within Myself

I can feel myself looking for something internal
Inside myself perhaps its just me crying out for help
As fierce infernos of swirling tornadoes blatantly
Erupts from the roots of my core
I'm constantly wondering what life truly have in store
So many things can no longer be blatantly ignored
Silence became like a wicked friend
With my life compared to pickle skins
Every Year, Months, & Days I mince and wince
Same routine as I repeat and rinse
Futures up in the air in suspense
I never ever felt this intense

Things never adding up never making sense
I've committed many sins as I add the cents
To the Preacher's collection bins guess this is just
How we made amends I guess that will never end
No help from my next of kins (no repents to give)
People telling me that it's always my fault
It's like an verbal assault
Against my weary soul it becomes awful
While in my head I'm doing somersaults
Anything to keep me from releasing stress
In bulk so much tends to be locked in vaults
I only have my voice but people act like I ever
Had a choice People kill you with no remorse
Jealousy becomes the common source

I'm sick of these narcissists devaluing my talents
That I harness as an poetic artist it's as if no one
Values my art yet opinions taken and discarded like
A piece of trash Richie you don't possess the pizzazz
Needed to amass a record smash don't get mad
Because I'm just stating facts no need to react
Step back and just retract patience is what you lack
I just wanted a knack of getting by resilience
Is now at an all time high perseverance is my only
Willingness to try it's the only way I can reach
Beyond the skies when me and the people don't
See eye to eye I can't even lie that's what irks
Me the most it's the feelings that had hit me
Suddenly when I finally realized that some people
Will never change People become strange when
They're only out to hurt you formidable foes as
Each one kills me slow only if you knew how things
Had hit an all time low with their formidable blows but
I guess that's just how Life truly goes


Sunday, February 11, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Deam William Johnston 04 March 2018

Well done. Keep it upp

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 February 2018

Search! ! Inner Self! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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